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Clickclickclick Wed 19-Oct-16 09:47:01

I'm going to book a weekend in Rome for Dh and I for Christmas. We'll be going first week of January but I've never been. What area is good to stay? I'd like to be within walking distance of restaurants and the historical buildings/ruins.

Any other tips or hidden gem info will be greatly received.

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ladyformation Wed 19-Oct-16 13:28:21

Honestly it is the most walkable city and you really can't go that far wrong wherever you stay. You can walk across the entire city centre (Termini to the Vatican, ish) in under an hour. Next time I go I'm planning to stay in Monti as it has a lovely neighbourhood feeling despite being in the centre of town, but there are loads of gorgeous bits.

You will never be far from a restaurant. Just avoid everything which has pictures on the menu/windows and again, you'll be fine. We found some particularly beautiful places in Trastevere but I'm sure others will have specific recommendations.

Book ahead for any sites you particularly want to see - prices aren't much better but the queuing situation is truly dreadful if you don't. TBH the best days I've had there are the days of wandering between restaurants eating and drinking - there is something ancient and beautiful at the end of every road - so make sure you keep lots of time to just stroll!

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