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Winter sun with 11 month old - any recommendations for luxury hotels with an awesome creche?

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Riversmum1 Sun 16-Oct-16 20:26:16

Good evening Mumsnetters! DH and I in vicious circle of indecision on where to go on our first family holiday with our 11 month old DS in January 2017. The idea of jet leg and and long multiple flights make us shiver, but he is almost sleeping through the night so on overnight long haul could be an option. However we have also been looking at luxury hotels in Tenerfie- most seem enormous and a little intimidating, and their kids clubs only seem to start from 4yrs. Its important to us to have the options of a few afternoons to ourselves here and there. We are also considering self catering! Happy to but again the lack of facilities could mean its just like being at home! We both work so will really need a well earned break by then. ALL ADVICE WELCOME! Thank you in advance for reading.

mouldycheesefan Mon 17-Oct-16 09:31:14

You need somewhere with a crèche rather than kids club. Baby bolt holes and tots too are good websites with a filter for a crèche.

JadeHawkinsTC Mon 17-Oct-16 14:33:54

Hello riversmum1,
I work in travel and Creche's that little ones are very hard to find lots offer babysitting though.
However you could consider the dreams gran Castillo in Lanzarote, it has a crèche. Although it is a larger hotel.
Also the Anahita in Mauritius and the Heritage properties (all I believe) but definitely the Awali have baby clubs. Caribbean maybe harder the Carlisle Bay in Antigua has one. These are just the ones that came to mind, obviously budget dependent etc but hope it helps.


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