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Kerala and Dubai

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Hoppinggreen Sat 15-Oct-16 16:30:34

We fancy going to Kerala next summer, although I understand it's not the best time to go but due to length of holidays etc w wonky want to go long haul when the DC have got more than 2 weeks off so they aren't getting straight off a long flight and back to school. I have always wanted to go to Kerala but is there enough for a 7 and 11 year old to do?
Also thinking of stopping in Dubai for 2 nights on the way there. I know some people don't like it but DH has been a few times for business and I just fancy having a look ( briefly)
The other idea is Caribbean, been pre DC but I think they would really love it.
Any suggestions? I would rather not fly to the Far East by choice as any flight over about 7 hours is too much for me.

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QueenJuggler Sat 15-Oct-16 16:49:40

Kerala in the summer is monsoon season. There's going to be nothing for the 7 and 11 year old to do apart from play in the rain. And it really is rainy in the summer.

QueenJuggler Sat 15-Oct-16 17:03:08

And Dubai will be roasting - you're going to end up hiding in your hotel room trying to stay cool.

There's the wrong time to go and a mad time to go.

Can you not go at Easter? It will still be really hot in both places, but not so crazy as summer, and it won't be raining so much in Kerala.

Hoppinggreen Sat 15-Oct-16 17:58:25

We usually go to Spain at Easter ( own property) but could consider it.
It's just that DS only just gets 2 weeks off so if we want 2 weeks long haul he would have to get off a plane and go straight back to school
Might be Caribbean then, that's DH's preference , mainly for the snorkelling.
My other idea is New York for 2 nights ( visit friends) and then 2 weeks in New England or similar.

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QueenJuggler Sat 15-Oct-16 21:22:54

Cape Cod is glorious in the summer. So are the Hamptons. We had an amazing week in Martha's Vineyard in July - can't recommend it highly enough.

OldBeanbagz Sun 16-Oct-16 16:34:11

I have just been to Dubai with work and it was 36C. That was in October and I barely spent any time outside. I think you'd be mad going in the Summer.

Hoppinggreen Sun 16-Oct-16 17:33:55

I've ruled out Dubai now. I'm not great with heat.
Just bumped into some friends who were raving about Cape Cod and the surrounding area so that's definitely an option now

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QueenJuggler Sun 16-Oct-16 18:06:13

If you go to Cape Cod, go to Provincetown and do the Dolphinwatch whale watching trip. We've done it a few times and every time we see some incredible sights - whales, dolphins, right up by the boat.

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