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Warning about British Airways infant booking glitch

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shirleybrown Tue 11-Oct-16 23:09:43

I have had a diabolical experience with British Airways over the summer and wanted to warn other parents about the awful problem.

We had planned a holiday when I was still pregnant as we expected prices to rise over the summer we booked mine and my partners flights before our baby was born. The BA website said we could add the baby later on.

We followed all the instructions and when my son was about two weeks old I duly called to add him to the booking, paid the necessary charges and was assured everything was sorted.

The first problem occurred on the way out when we went to check in at London City. We were turned away from the check-in desk as our son's details were missing from the booking. I had to wait for about half an hour at the BA ticketing desk while they literally printed a boarding pass. Yes in 2016! It was ridiculous. Flying with a baby for the first time is stressful enough without a huge delay. We had to run for the plane, I was really stressed and upset by it.

While we were away, we decided to come home slightly earlier. When I phoned to amend the flight details I asked three times are you sure we won't have the same problems with our son on the way home. Again I was reassured it was all fine.

A few days later on the way home at a Spanish airport we faced an even worse problem. We were again turned away from the check-in desk saying our son wasn't on the booking. As the airport had no BA staff we were being helped by Iberia staff. We were told to phone BA to get them to sort the ticket problem. I was so upset I burst in to tears there and then. Being told you can't board a plane with your two month old baby is just heart wrenching. I was so upset and nobody could help; the Iberia staff couldn't get through to BA on the phone! I was on the phone to BA's crappy Indian call centre for 40 minutes. The guy couldn't understand the problem I was explaining and kept wasting my time and putting me on hold. He didn't understand I was in an airport about to miss my flight, it was appalling. All the while the Iberia staff still on hold as well, which is ridiculous. They should have a priority number not have to go through to a call centre! In the end I gave up entirely as I realised the only option would be to buy another ticket for my son to enable us to all fly home together. This was an extra £70 after I had already paid for return tickets for myself, son and his Dad.

I have since contacted BA to let them know about the problem, they have admitted an error but refused to apologise or offer anything to try to redeem the situation.

BA ruined the first time I ever took my firstborn on holiday, and I can never get that back.

I hope by sharing this nobody else ever has to go through such a horrible experience at an airport with their baby.

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