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Holiday in Montreal and Quebec region

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Saker Thu 06-Oct-16 14:24:48

Anyone with any experience or advice about holidaying in Eastern Canada? I have two Ds aged 17 and 15 but the younger one has special needs so is more like a young child in times of interests and things to do and also very dyspraxic so unable to partake of the activities usually suggested for teenagers (such as long hikes, cycling, white water rafting, treetop adventure etc). We were thinking of attempting our first long haul holiday with him and going for Eastern Canada as it's a shorter flight than most of North America and Dh is learning French and wants to use it. I really like the look of Montreal which seems relatively cheap and lots of interesting things for kids so I was thinking that we might do a week there and maybe a week somewhere in Quebec province in August next year. Does that sound sensible? How hot would it be? (Ds2 isn't great in any sort of heat and I am wondering if Montreal will be too much) If anyone has any suggestions of a nice part of Quebec to visit for the second week which isn't a massive drive from Montreal or any tips in general about holidays in Eastern Canada, I would appreciate it.

Blue4ever Thu 06-Oct-16 14:30:48

It is hot in Montreal at that time of year, and busy as welll. There is so much to do, in terms of music festivals, beautiful parks, and easy to get around on the metro. There is a fireworks festival I ink it might be in August. Would you rent a car?

Quebec City is about three hours drive from Montreal and different in terms of culture, more French speaking than Montreal and very, very beautiful. Lovely old town, the port is wonderful.

Saker Thu 06-Oct-16 14:36:18

I was thinking we wouldn't rent a car in Montreal but rent one to drive somewhere else for a week. I would like to visit Quebec City also but got the impression there was less there for Ds2 and thought that maybe two cities would be too much. Slightly put off that it will be busy - I think probably September would suit us better - but school holidays dictate as always.

Blue4ever Thu 06-Oct-16 16:01:18

Ok search for Mont Tremblant or St Sauveur. Both in the mountains, absolutely beautiful, winter and summer. Autumn there is magical! Shame about school holidays. Both are sky resorts in the winter months so there are loads of hotels and restaurants, st sauveur is less known but really pleasant. More of a village than a city!

Saker Thu 06-Oct-16 16:28:32

Ok thank you I will take a look.

SJane45S Sat 08-Oct-16 18:57:04

Quebec City is worth the trip to get to - only place in North America I've been too that feels like you're in Europe! I wouldn't spend a week there though or in Montreal (which I liked a lot) - probably 3 days top in each!

Saker Sun 09-Oct-16 19:44:21

OK, thank you, I will think about how long in Montreal; I suppose we could swap between Montreal and Quebec City, but I wanted to avoid too much packing up and moving from place to place. Also I suppose if we are making the effort to travel to N America then maybe there's less urgency to visit the parts that feel like Europe. It's easier just to go to France grin

noramum Mon 10-Oct-16 10:57:15

We went - childless - to Quebec, arrived in Montreal but drove straight north. Spend 4 days walking, then drove to Quebec City for 3 days then south again for another 3 nights and then to Montreal for 3 nights.

Quebec - you can't compare to France. While it feels European it is a absolute great mix of America and Europe, you won't find that anywhere. It is very French, full of unique history.

Montreal is more Anglophom, a strange mix, in a way you feel like you are in the US and then everything is French.

The French, btw, sounds different. We had a couple from Paris in one B&B and their French was what your DH learns while in Quebec they speak the "old" French of the 17th century.

SJane45S Mon 10-Oct-16 11:39:30

Agree totally with Noramum - it feels European but unique! It's the only place of its kind I've been too and makes for a good contrast to Montreal. And yes the Québécois speak a unique form of French, the French friend I went with to Quebec had to stop herself giggling all the time!

Saker Mon 10-Oct-16 18:21:47

It's hard to decide what to do! I think we may just have to accept going to either Montreal or Quebec unless we don't do any of the countryside as DS2 is better in self-catering than hotels and that's more practical to hire for a week than a couple of days here and there. I saw a really nice house near La Malbaie possibly for the other week - any experience of that area?
I had heard that the French laugh at Canadian French. I don't think we are at a higher enough level of French to dare to do that!

Saker Mon 10-Oct-16 18:25:04

Also any opinions as to Air Canada or British Airways or Air Transat (though this looks a bit rough but v cheap)

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