Pick a farm stay for me...Tuscany....losing the will....

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bitofabelly Tue 04-Oct-16 16:10:34

I've trawled through TripAdvisor, booking.com and agriturismo.it....and I'm frazzled.

Looking for a farm stay/ agriturismo in Tuscany, 3 kids who will be 13,10 and 8...swimming pool, space for soccer, family cooking class, restaurant on site...but most of all, somewhere where we can enjoy that's not too coupley...more of a kids meet kids environment....can anyone please recommend somewhere that fits this bill....we will be flying out of Bologna if that's any help.

Thanks so much

bitofabelly Tue 04-Oct-16 16:11:38

...and ps...I know I'm lucky to be in this predicament...but we save hard every year to go away and I like to try and get it as right as possible wink

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