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Does anyone know if any of London theatre's have restaurants/bars with dinner/drinks deals?

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user1475573373 Tue 04-Oct-16 10:40:13

I want to take my daughter and my mum to a show in London, but ideally i'd like to do a package or deal with dinner and drinks. My mum isn't too good at walking long distances, so i'd like to ideally stay in the one place. Does anyone know if any of the theatr'es have restaurants/bars and if they do any deals?

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dinkystinky Tue 04-Oct-16 10:50:08

National Theatre has restaurants/cafes on site - no deals though.

Same with the Barbican and Royal Opera House - again no deals.

hooliodancer Tue 04-Oct-16 10:57:38

Most West end theatres just don't have room for a restaurant, but there are restaurants very close by usually.

Best to pick what you want to see, then phone the box office/look on Google maps to find the nearest restaurant to that particular theatre.

The National has, as said ,restaurants and also has lots close by. It is a good 10 minute walk from Waterloo station.

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