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Child friendly day out somewhere between London and Birmingham

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mmmmmchocolate Sat 01-Oct-16 09:07:43

We will be driving from London to Birmingham during October half term, I'm hoping that we can stop off on the way- possibly stay overnight and either have a day out or stay at a glamping site or hotel. I'm pretty much open to suggestions I just have no idea where to start from the search. Thanks in advance smile

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ILikeThatSong123 Wed 05-Oct-16 15:28:48

We stayed in Warwick with the intention of doing Warwick Castle for one day and Stratford upon Avon the next day. It's not necessarily between London and Birmingham but close to Birmingham, if it appeals to you. Warwick Castle has glamping facilities. So is Leeds Castle (sorry, its in Kent, out of the way).
I am not familiar with Birmingham and surroundings so it might be off the map, but I believe you could visit an old historical themed open air museum, I think it's called Black Country Museum, very near Birmingham.
One more suggestion is Oxford. Not sure what child-friendly attractions exist there however i have heard a Tudor World and I'm sure there are lots more such as river cruising. Using my phone and its quite slow and hard to google.
Is Bekonscot Model Village in Buckinghamshire just outside London is another idea for a few good hours

mmmmmchocolate Mon 10-Oct-16 18:09:42

Thanks for your reply ilike

We're from the midlands so are familiar with the places you suggest around there. I've never done Warwick Castle though- although the children have both been with school.

Right, I'll google Oxford and see what's there. I have always wanted to visit, thanks for that suggestion!

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ILikeThatSong123 Mon 10-Oct-16 19:26:29

No problems, hope you'll find something that appeals to all of you. Good luck.

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