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Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry??

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museumum Sun 25-Sep-16 08:27:36

Has anyone used this?
I'm looking for next summer but it seems like nearly £500 return for family of 3 plus small campervan (short wheel base).
Is there any way to reduce the cost? Are some dates more than others? Is midweek travel cheaper? Can I get discount vouchers anywhere?

Ps. Also interested in hull departures maybe - just not south of England as couldn't bear the drive.

Pootles2010 Sun 25-Sep-16 08:31:34

Not done that one, but hull -rotterdam is similar price. You can go for a weekend deal thingie which is cheaper, but I always want to go for longer. 5 day return is cheaper than seven day, but still about £400. It's a lot of money but lovely not to have the drive!

museumum Sun 25-Sep-16 08:33:24

Thanks. They make it quite difficult to see and compare prices. I am worried we will pay much more than we need to (currently our dates are flexible but we're thinking of June).

ItsJustPaint Sun 25-Sep-16 08:34:57

Loads of times -it's great !

Can't help with price as we had to go school holidays and that was the price but if you think about it you can pay £200 to cross the channel from m Dover so you are getting great value pounds for miles.

We used to have a nice restaurant meal on board, send the kids to the kids club, go and watch the entertainment with a cocktail, sleep and wake up refreshed next morning.

Except for those couple of winter weeks when the sea was bloody rough and the engine broke and we bobbed around for hours, and felt queasy for the next 24 hours...

museumum Sun 25-Sep-16 08:35:36

Oh and any tips?
We won't bother with seaview rooms I think but is lower deck awful (about £20pp less than interior but not lower)?
Or is a window worth the extra?
I've never been on a ferry that wasn't calmac 😁

Tubbyinthehottub Sun 25-Sep-16 08:39:23

I had the best sleep ever on that ferry and I usually don't have great sea legs. The restaurant is nice.

Tubbyinthehottub Sun 25-Sep-16 08:39:55

I had the best sleep ever on that ferry and I usually don't have great sea legs. The restaurant is nice.

museumum Sun 25-Sep-16 08:42:33

I'm getting more excited now....

museumum Sun 25-Sep-16 08:43:17

Tubby and Justpaint - what "standard" of room did you have?

Stellabystarlight Sun 25-Sep-16 08:47:05

Done a few of the crossings mentioned and they are great. My only tip is to avoid Friday and Sunday sailings on the Amsterdam route as they market weekend 'mini cruises' and end up full of drunken stag dos on the way out, although perhaps more 'chilled' on the return wink

I would not have wanted my DC on one outward Friday night from Newcastle I experienced. It was like one of those 18-30 holidays uncovered documentaries. At sea - for extra vomit. Some bloke ripped a cabin door off and threw it overboard.

ItsJustPaint Sun 25-Sep-16 08:48:50

If we could we got the commodore suites. Fab. Lots of money but we weren't watching the pennies.

But on occasion we had to just get whatever there was as we were a family of 5. The cabins are basic yes, but the sheets were crisp white cotton.
If you arenot in the best cabins I wouldn't bother with a window after all you will be asleep most of the time !

ItsJustPaint Sun 25-Sep-16 08:50:50

Oh yes I heard stories like that Stella, but it wasn't something I experienced ever.

Tubbyinthehottub Sun 25-Sep-16 08:54:34

I can't remember Museum. It was probably a cheap room, it was years ago. It had a little window and a tiny shower room.

museumum Sun 25-Sep-16 09:01:17

Great advice here. Thank you!!

gruffalosarse Sun 25-Sep-16 09:07:19

We went on this route for the first time this year. highly recommend, however, bring your own food or at least snacks/wine as its very expensive on board. It's far superior to cal Mac trips! wink

We were used to driving to Dover from Scotland so less driving was an added bonus. Definitely travel with them again

SolomanDaisy Sun 25-Sep-16 09:15:37

Mid week ferries are generally cheaper. They also usually have a discount during ferry fortnight, which I think is in February, which is usually the cheapest time to book. Go on the King, not the princess, if you have kids as the kids club is much better.

SolomanDaisy Sun 25-Sep-16 09:19:19

I've never experienced the crazy drunkenness described above (and I do this crossing multiple times a year). But we are usually in the cabin quite early. We also always book commodore so we can have DVDs in the room etc.

pollyblack Sun 25-Sep-16 09:45:26

Done it a few times. We always got a standard with window, didnt like the idea of no window for some reason!

Yes take a bag of snacks and drinks as on board is a rip off. The restaurants are nice there is also usually a cafe where you can get chips/ toasties etc.

I really enjoy the ferry, its nice to go and have a drink at night and the holiday really starts then!

Pootles2010 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:39:28

Standard with a window here - loved looking out at night and seeing lights of other ships! Don't bother booking for buffet, take a picnic!

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