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Thailand with a 3 y.o, am I barking ?

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Twink Tue 28-May-02 18:23:29

Unfortunately, even if I am, it's unavoidable so has anyone done it ??
I've trawled all the travel section so picked up on the many tips for long-haul flights but if anyone has ideas for what to do while we're there it would be appreciated.
We're completely flexible about where we go - except for a week we must be in Bangkok.
We've been BC (although once was pregnant, not good !) so I'm well aware of the basic tourist guidance but specific advice about travelling with a toddler would be welcome.

Rhiannon Tue 28-May-02 20:05:59

How long is the flight Twink? I went to San Francisco last July with 2.8yr old and 6yr old on my own. It was fine they played, ate, watched the videos and ran up and down! The flight was 13 hours don't know how this compares. R

Twink Tue 28-May-02 22:19:48

It's 12 hours, probably an overnight from Heathrow and Thailand will be (by the time we go) 7 hours ahead

SofiaAmes Tue 28-May-02 23:06:07

Twink, I haven't been to thailand, but i've been to china, vietnam and japan...not with a child. I seem to remember that milk was not readily available. In china you could find uht milk, but not easily. I'm sure if you are only going for a few weeks it won't harm your child not to have his/her daily dose of milk. Be mentally prepared for no car seats or even seat belts when travelling in taxis etc. Bring a supply of any medicines you might need (capol, nurofen, etc.) as you may have trouble finding brands that are familiar to you there. I'm sure you will have lots of fun!

Viv Wed 29-May-02 09:08:04

We've been to Bangkok for a few days with dd when she was 3. We had no problems at all and she was thoroughally spoilt. We carried lots of low sodium bottled water and in restaurants asked them to cook plain noodles with a bit of chicken or similar and they were always more than happy to oblige. Friends of ours have been to Koi Samui (is that how you spell it) a couple of times with kids aged from 6mths to 4 yrs and loved it although did say they had to retreat indoors midday because of the heat.
Have a great time.

Lorien Fri 07-Jun-02 06:40:46

HI there, I was in Bangkok and Phuket with my 18-month-old last week. I really wouldn't worry about getting any baby supplies, they have Tescos there and Watsons the chemist and supermarkets. I used Mamy-Poko nappies (Japanese brand made in Thailand) which were great, and there are milk powers galore and Heinz/Gerber baby foods if you need them. Also, bottled water and fresh milk are readily available, and restaurants will happily bring rice and veggies/chicken for kids.
As for the flight, I did LHR-KUL which is a bit longer than the flight to Bangkok, but not TOO bad at all:
Entertainment-wise, your 3-yr-old should love the cartoons and interactive screen on the flight. Playdough was a big hit for me (with some little containers to put playdough balls in and out of) Those plasticky stickers that peel on and off the window are good, as is fuzzy felt.
As for seating, the problem with the bulk head seats is that the armrests don't come up. BUT, there is an advantage in that there is more leg room, and you can put your 3-yr-old on the floor to sleep. Whatever, make sure you get the side seats and not the ones in the centre, and preferably not the ones near the door. For me the best seats are at the front of economy on the far side from the door, so they are bulkhead and probably numbered something like 31 HJK.
Otherwise, the only things you need to think about are jetlag and the heat. Heat just takes a day or two of not doing very much (and maybe chilling out by a pool). As for jetlag, I often travel between Europe and Asia and find the best thing for my 18-month-old is to put him straight onto local time, so he goes to bed at 8 local time whatever he feels like (and after a flight he is invariably tired). For me the trick is NOT to let him sleep too much in the daytime, even if he is showing signs of being quite tired.
Anyway, hope that helps.
Best, Lorien

Twink Fri 07-Jun-02 07:44:08

Thanks very much, you've been very reassuring !

LKM Fri 07-Jun-02 10:33:26

A couple of words of warning: my brother and family went to Thailand a couple of months ago and both kids (aged 3 and 9 mths) came back with a nasty gastro bug which has made them lactose intolerant (hopefully not permanently) - so be very careful about water.
Also, not all airlines let children sleep on the floor - but I believe Thai Air are one of the ones that do.

cos Fri 07-Jun-02 17:10:07

BA are great to fly with kids IMHO but will not let kids sleep/play on floor at bulkhead for safety reasons. they will let you prebook seats together, near loo, and server kids first at mealtime

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