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Priority Pass - is it worth it?

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Threesoundslikealot Thu 22-Sep-16 08:25:01

I'm commuting in and out of London weekly. Because of a combination of very cheap, shorthair flights, and an inconveniently timed tier year end, it'll be May before I get my BA Silver card. I have to admit that the thrills of Gatwick North Terminal for an hour plus a week after three long days at work have palled.

I can get a full on Priority Pass for around £230 (any better offers welcome but not keen on any financial products stuff). It would get me into the BA lounge at my home airport (tiny) and into three lounges at LGW. But I've read that, because the BA lounges are currently closed there, the PP access lounges are frequently overfull and PP cardholders aren't allowed in. So potentially I could spend three months not getting in, before BA (and I) move terminals.

Do any lounge users or PP card holders have any advice? I just want somewhere peaceful to crash, have a glass of wine, away from all the holidaymakers and dull, been there shops.

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