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Hauck Varioguard

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KatieC0811 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:17:09

Has anyone got one? I've read the ADAC test report for it, and it actually did very well, apart from the 'hiccup' which I'm sure everyone looking for a car seat has read about on WHICH, which only occured when installed forward-facing with seatbelt, and as I will be using rearward-facing isofix, and then forward-facing isofix when/if DS outgrows rearward facing, this doesn't bother me.
I have a 2002 (I think) corsa, 3dr, so anyone with both I would love to hear from, but as far as I've read it will fit my car, and I just wanted some insight into people's opinions of the seat, comfort, size, ease of use etc . I haven't found it in any shops near me, so haven't been able to see one in the flesh yet, so if you know anywhere that might have some in-store, around the peterborough area, please let me know!
Thanks smile

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