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Package Deal- Book a year in advance or wait for last minute deal ?

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Babyroobs Mon 12-Sep-16 15:07:16

Hi . I'm hoping experienced travellers can offer advice as Iwe have only been abroad a couple of times. We are hoping to go on hoiday next August 2017. There are 6 of us ( 2 adults, 4 teenagers). It will probably be the last holiday all of us together before eldest ds goes to Uni so I want it to be good !! We would like half board or all inclusive, preferably with waterpark included. Many of the prices that are coming up are almost £1k pp which we could pay but seems an awful lot of money for one week!
Dh seems to think we can still get what we are looking for by waiting and booking last minute. I am not convinced and much prefer to have things sorted earlier even if it works out more expensive. Can I ask what others do and if you do book last minute do you generally find something cheaper?

Muddle2000 Mon 12-Sep-16 16:46:38

As it is the height of the summer hols there is a big demand We get it cheaper last min out of season.
I have looked at Thomson (Alcudia Majorca) and 3 star prices £500-£700 pppw(though I was unable to get the ages of DC in -ended up putting 6 and 8 ! Not sure if being teenagers costs more and I assumed dcs under 18).
Not sure if near waterpark and you have not stated the location you want. £1k pp does sound alot especially if near UK.
No one can forecast the future or they would be billionaires.
If you wait till later you risk not getting what you want incl things like flight times/airports.
If you book earlier check t & c for your rights if they make changes to your hol-which they sometimes do and you MUST take out your
insurance when you book to cover you if one of you is ill and cannot
travel (shop around for this)
When booking early do on Credit card in case the firm goes bust

BackforGood Mon 12-Sep-16 17:05:01

Needing space for 6, and needing to go in August, for me, I'd want it all booked and sorted.
Would you be able to go for a fortnight? It doesn't cost much more and then feels like much better vfm.
We've just done AI in Majorca for me, dh, and 3 teens for slightly over £1K pp for two weeks. It was superb. Really relaxing, lovely hotel and food was superb.

Unsurechicken Mon 12-Sep-16 17:15:26

This summer for instance the late deals where greece and turkey.

Normally or in the past resorts such as sharm el sheik tunisa and its many resort and turkey would accomodate the many holiday makers this year not so much.

Just keep in mind the tourist tax in the balarics esp children over 16. That could add a couple of £100 on your holibobs.

Im a travel agent and im just about to put my deposit down for next year. Im not confident about late cheap deals for next summer. Out of the 6 of us in our office 4 of us are booking or have booked for next year allready. Hth

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Mon 12-Sep-16 17:16:37

Book in advance for August or there will just be the stuff left that no one wants

Babyroobs Mon 12-Sep-16 17:36:43

Thanks all. Think I will try to pursuade DH that we need to book. We only want a week somewhere like the Bealaerics or Portugal or even mainland Spain. I'm just shocked at the prices for next year but maybe it's because less people are going to Turkey/ Egypt.

BackforGood Mon 12-Sep-16 18:20:43

Yes, sadly Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia are now not at all appealing, so there are more people trying to find holidays in fewer countries.

justaweeone Mon 12-Sep-16 20:48:44

Back - where did you go that was so good?

BackforGood Mon 12-Sep-16 22:37:29

Ferrer Concord in C'an Picafort.

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