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Duinrell and Efteling, anyone?

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TheLesserWeevil Fri 09-Sep-16 10:26:59

We're thinking of going to Holland next year during the summer holidays - anyone know how crazy the parks are likely to be in peak season? We're stuck with regular English school holidays (DC will be 6 and 3), although I'm wondering whether it might be best to leave it as late in August as possible. Will probably go for 11-14 days as would like to spend some time in Amsterdam, as well as the The Hague / Scheveningen. Does anyone have any hints or advice?

No1HolidayPlanner Fri 09-Sep-16 14:08:05

Can't comment on how busy in summer as we went to Duinrell in October half term. Loved it.. Probably best to go at end of August as I think the Dutch schools are back by

TheLesserWeevil Fri 09-Sep-16 22:35:50

Thank you. How many days did you spend in the park itself? Will two days be enough, do you think?

Blueboys2009 Fri 09-Sep-16 23:50:40

we went at whit half-term with our 6 yr old DS, but think our school has slightly different holiday dates, so it wasn't too busy.

We spent about 4hours in the park on the first day (general exploring, playing in the park, crazy golf, some rides). And then had about the same again another day as well as an hour or 2 on a couple of other occasions (we did the archery and low ropes course, bumper cars, boats, indoor soft play as well as the normal park rides again). We didn't hire bikes as our DS is still a bit too wobbly, but lots of people did. Our DS also liked the mini ten pin bowling and the kids bingo! We tended to go to the pool late afternoon/early evening just for about an hour or so (which was long enough given our DS was too small for most slides).

One day we caught the bus to the Hague (but we weren't particularly impressed by it, and found it difficult to entertain our DS - not helped by the weather being grim that day), another day we went on a coach to Amsterdam, and also did a day via bus in a lovely town called Leiden.

We went Sat-Friday, which was about right for us. 2 weeks would have been too long for us as we didn't have our own transport. If the weather had been a bit better or if we had our own transport, we'd have done a trip to the beach too, and could have stayed a couple of more days, but our DS got a bit bored of doing the same rides.

Blueboys2009 Fri 09-Sep-16 23:52:31

oh, and we went via Eurocamp to Duinrell (didn't go to Efteling)

ivykaty44 Fri 09-Sep-16 23:54:48

We stayed for 5 days and dd loved it, 5 days was long enough

There is a beach nearby. Train to amsterdam.

22 August is usually around when the prices drop or people go home and 1 September schools return in Europe

wohmum Sat 10-Sep-16 00:00:33

We've been to Duinrell twice, camping both times . Our kids are old enough to go off to the funfair etc on Thursday own while us adults relaxed smile we hired bikes one day and cycled to the beach ( easy flat safe cycle route) , took the train to Amsterdam from Leiden ( dead easy and super cheap) . Thoroughly recommend it!

TheLesserWeevil Sat 10-Sep-16 10:11:48

Oh thank you everyone! I lived in Scheveningen for a while when I was little so have warm, if fuzzy, memories of the area. Parents never took me to the parks though (daily mail sad face). Was thinking of maybe a couple of nights at Efteling then a week in a Dwingalow(!) with day trips out to beach, Amsterdam etc. Driving across would be the most sensible option, I guess, but I have nightmares about getting stuck in a 28 mile tailback at Dover...

christmasmum Mon 12-Sep-16 14:36:43

I'm going in a few weeks can't wait! Will report back when we get home.

GlowWine Mon 12-Sep-16 15:04:13

We were in Efteling at the mid/end of last August when the Dutch kids were still on holiday. I think we chose mind-week and stayed three nights. Yes it was busy but not uncomfortably so. The top attraction had a massive wait but everything else was in the 40 min range even at peak afternoon time. Staying on site meant we got in early and rode as many rollercoasters as we could stomach and the leisurely wandered through the rest of the park, and repeated the rollercoasters towards the end of the day when people were heading home. Beware the Pagoda queue, you can't actually see how long it is until you're in it wink. The restaurants and food outlets were all coping with demand too (unlike Euro Disney one half term where you had a hard time getting in anywhere without a booking).
We took the ferry to Hook van Holland, and spent a long week at the beach in Zandvoort too, plus the obligatory trip to Amsterdam.
If arriving by car try to get there before opening time as you'll likely be queueing all the way from the motorway to the car park.
I would do the whole thing again a heartbeat.

doradoo Mon 12-Sep-16 15:11:52

We did two nights/3 days in Efteling at the beginning of August this year - it was fab! Not overly busy - longest queues were about 40mims, all well advertised on their free park app.

We've booked again to go back at Easter with friends! My DC (12,9&6) all enjoyed it - there was enough for everyone and only one ride my youngest was too short for.

The houses in Bosrijk were very good - my only issue was with the oven which was more a combined microwave thing so not great for oven based meals, so if you were going to cook think about hob based.

The restaurant in the village was ok - but we'll be self catering fully at Easter.

justgivemeamo Sun 09-Oct-16 22:32:44

we did efterling two years running.

Last year we did last weekend of august but incl a Saturday and Sunday and DUTCH kids at school it was fine....sat night was busy but nothing NOTHING like busy here.

This year we risked it and went a week earlier in August - same three nights- fri - mon and it was lovely!

You get the Efteling app so you can see wait times, our plan is do rides in the morning and late in the pm and EVERYTHING else in between there is a lot to do outside of the main rides. I took my youngest where she wanted to go - ie gentle car ride and whale ride and dh took older on the coasters.

as a family we did toboggan and water rafting.

neither time did we experience any queue at all!! ferry was easy and great and driving once there was fine. we break up the drive with a night in novotel bruges.

I would say that comparing both D and E - I have heard D compared to glorified butlins. I was thinking of going next year along with E again but heard many negatives about it.

where as Efelting is simply top class. Staff amazing, chilled, friendly, relaxed, nothing too much trouble, even on super busy days, whilst there may be in the middle of the day super long ride wait times ( for day trippers) the park itself never seems crowded. The fairy tale Forrest IS MAGICAL, an over used word but it is. If you stay on a Saturday night in July or august the park is open till midnight and they have loads of amazing entertainment. The materials used everywhere are lovely - the gardens and plants alone are worth visiting to see. The borsick village has a cute pool, every day we got to park first thing ( had a 6 euro breakfast delivered), so my older could get on the coaster,s and I went with younger. then had lovely time in rest of park, came back to village at 3 ish - rested - dh took them swimming then back into the park for the last hours. but the village has lovely restaurant and various play areas.

go to the Pinocchio restaurant too great fun.

There was an offer to go 2017 30% off which we grabbed so next year will be our third, and new rides opening. We are going for a week and also visiting the Hague and Amsterdam from E. I had a long look at D and also other places to stay but for the price - location and quality - nothing could beat E. grin enjoy!!!

namechangedtoday15 Tue 11-Oct-16 11:06:10

I don't think Duinrell was like Butlins at all (although have only been been to Butlins once on Brownie Camp about 40 years ago but can't imagine that at all!!). The swimming complex is fantastic and the park with the rides is very nicely done, wasn't overly busy when we went (we were there for 5 days) and its in a beautiful area - agree with hiring bikes and cycling. We booked directly with Duinrell though and actually we were the only English family that we came across (which was perfect!).

rosy71 Tue 11-Oct-16 19:52:48

We have been to Duinrell twice - once for a week & once for 10 days -& plan to go again next summer. We stayed in a Duingalow & got free swimming, so swam every morning . We spent the first afternoon both times in the theme park. After that, we visited for specific things e.g. a ride on something before going on somewhere else. The first time we went the weather was great so we had several afternoons on the beach. We also went to Amsterdam & Schrevingen the first time & Leiden the second time. We spent an afternoon in Wassenaar both times too. In the evenings we went back onto the park because the boats & tramplines were still open & the kids played in the playground. There were things like shows & bingo & kids activities put on by the site staff & a pub with mini bowling. We lve it & can't wait to go again!

TheSconeOfStone Tue 11-Oct-16 22:23:42

We're planning on Duinrell at the end of August next year so following this thread with interest. Planning a day at Efteling and hoping it won't be too busy at that time of year. We will be in our own tent. Only thing I'm a bit concerned about is that the campsite may be noisy.

Eve Tue 11-Oct-16 22:26:24

Are they any good for teenagers or only for smaller kids?

LizzieMacQueen Tue 11-Oct-16 22:33:30

Have a look at Archeon OP, that's a good day out if you have transport.

fuzzyduck1 Thu 13-Oct-16 09:18:17

Been to dunrell a couple of times it's great for all ages. Been camping in dundalow and will probably stay there next year for a few days in camper van

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