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Single mum with 7yr old son

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ginajacques Thu 08-Sep-16 08:32:42

I'm a recently divorced. Have a settlement and before I get a mortgage and buy a new home for my son and I, I'd like to go travelling with him. not sure on for how long and flexible as to where but looking for other single mums in a similar position. Can only find blogs by mums doing the same on their own. No groups of mums networking / travelling together. Or companies that do tours for single mums with kids. Anyone know of any or would be interested in joining for a while please get in touch smile

Artandco Thu 08-Sep-16 09:03:16

Not sure about finding others, but I often travel alone with my two children and had no issues.

You could travel and book stuff alone, and likely to meet people along the way

ginajacques Thu 08-Sep-16 09:44:56

Where did you go? Want to keep it fun for him but show him how other children live too. The worlds a big place I don't know where to start

Artandco Thu 08-Sep-16 09:54:42

Various places. Mine are now 5 and 6 years, been travelling with them since newborn. We have done backpacking in Vietnam, city European breaks, visit to Japan, weekends in newyork.
All between 3-4 days and 2-3 months long trips.

This summer I did a short 2 week road trip with them. France, Italy, Croatia. Flew down, hired car in France, dropped car in Dubrovnik at the end and flew back from there. Just went on small hikes, to the beach, took some boat trips, sightsee a bit, ate out. They made some friends along route.

Depends what you both want to do really. If your travelling alone I wouldn't recommend going somewhere where women's rights are rubbish as you won't have the freedom to book anywhere or drive etc.

Europe is probably the best starting point if you want to travel alone for a longer time. You can get a car, drive between various locations staying as long or short as you like. And can always fly from locations to further locations temporarily using mainland Europe as a base. Can get some great skiing there done with him if you are in the mountains Jan-April

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