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East Coast America Trip

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HeirOfNothingInParticular Tue 06-Sep-16 07:49:13

DH and I are planning to visit US next year. Haven't decided on dates, but perhaps June or September. Other than he has said he would prefer East Coast, it is all left up to me and I am completely baffled. DH likes train journeys so would like to work something into the trip. We like walking, so a national park perhaps... Interested in history, so some historical cities/towns. I don't mind doing some driving, but no massive motorways. Has anyone got any ideas?

Muddle2000 Tue 06-Sep-16 17:50:02

The USA does not have any really old places like Europe- apart from
traces of Indian Reservations It mostly dates from the Civil War onwards
They do tend to fly and drive everywhere
But we went to Boston and was lovely- it would be fab in autumn
You can a train c 3 hours to New York
If you google you will find a dozen Nat Parks in East USA
If you are after spectacular train and Nat Parks, then you need to go to
the West of Canada -which sounds more like your cup of tea, actually

CMOTDibbler Tue 06-Sep-16 18:05:37

How long are you thinking of? I'd fly into Washington, spend a few days there as there is just so much there and in the immediate area. Then drive down into Virgina following the civil war route, stay in a vineyard in the Blue Mountains, go hiking there, do skyline drive, go to Charlottesville and the early presidential sites, then drive back to Dulles (its only 2.5 hours from C/ville and its not big scary freeways), booking a hotel near the airport for your last night so you can go to the big Smithsonian air museum by Dulles.

If it was 2 weeks, I'd fly into Boston, a few days there, get the train to New York, couple of days there, then train to Washington, and pick up a car from there.

RusholmeRuffian Tue 06-Sep-16 18:39:02

You could fly to NYC, take the train to Boston and then drive up the Maine Coast which is lovely. Or you could take the train to Philadelphia which has more history than most US cities then explore Pennsylvania by car including Gettysburg and Amish country. Or do a road trip around Georgia and the Carolinas taking in Savannah and Charleston as well as the Outer Banks and plenty of civil war sites.

HeirOfNothingInParticular Tue 06-Sep-16 19:10:23

Thank you all for your suggestions, some good ideas there. I am allowing two weeks, so hopefully can cover a few areas. I originally wanted to go the West Coast, and was all to go until my husband said he would prefer West. Definitely want to go to New York and Boston, perhaps Washington and a national park.

This holiday is a bit of big deal for me as my husband was diagnosed with a life threatening condition two years ago, and his prognosis was not good. Thankfully he is in remission and would like to go to US. I just wish he would arrange it! Not looking forward to getting an insurance quote though.

RusholmeRuffian - love your name ;)

RusholmeRuffian Wed 07-Sep-16 09:06:28

Yours is rather excellent too! Have a look at once you have an idea where you will go, it has loads of ideas of places to see around your route.

ftw Wed 07-Sep-16 09:11:30

We had a great holiday in/around the Blue Ridge mountains. Bit of walking, bit of Civil War, bit of Jamestown, bit of Monticello etc - flew in and out of Dulles, week in a cabin, then made the rest up as we went.

HeirOfNothingInParticular Wed 07-Sep-16 16:50:28

Thanks all. DH says he's not bothered, but then stipulated East, and last night said he wanted to see Niagara Falls. I have had a quick look on the map and am thinking about a circular (ish) tour - New York, Boston, Niagara then drive down through Blue Mountains to Washington, Philadelphia then back to New York. Does that sound like a reasonable route? Nothing set in stone, but I was thinking if I have some pointers I can fill the rest in later.

oldlaundbooth Wed 07-Sep-16 17:10:04

Sounds like a good loop.

If you do go to Canada, don't forget to tell the car hire people that you'll be doing so: this could also push up the price.

HeirOfNothingInParticular Wed 07-Sep-16 17:53:51

Thanks oldlaundbooth. I was thinking of taking the train to Niagara as husband loves train journeys smile I've just been checking out car hire from Niagara.

SenecaFalls Wed 07-Sep-16 18:03:24

The USA does not have any really old places like Europe- apart from
traces of Indian Reservations It mostly dates from the Civil War onwards

This very much depends on where you go. New England has quite a few 17th and 18th century buildings. Some buildings in St. Augustine Florida date from the 16th century.

Also history doesn't have to be centuries old to be interesting. The World War II monument in DC is worth a visit, for example.

ClubTropicanaDrinks Wed 07-Sep-16 18:11:48

What about Montreal?

We'd been visiting friends/relatives elsewhere in Canada and then spent a few days in Montreal (and loved it - very interesting history and maybe we got lucky but weather was glorious in June) then got the train to New York.

Perhaps Montreal - New York - Boston?

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