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Travelling to Rio with 11 month old- advice on vaccinations needed

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Rusulka Mon 05-Sep-16 13:50:52

Hello and thanks in advance.

DH and I are supposed to be travelling to Rio next April for his mum's wedding with our 3 DDs who will be aged 4.5, 3 and 11 months.

We were asked and flights booked so quickly we barely had time to blink let alone think about vaccinations, which has only just occurred to us.

I asked the nurse when DD3 was having her 16 week immunisations about the trip and she said we should ideally delay until after she's had her 12 month jabs, as otherwise she won't be protected in terms of MMR, and also there are no other vaccines which can be given to a baby under a year old.

I intend to double check this so would like to know if anyone is living in Rio and can tell me what vaccinations she would definitely need? I've found advice on a variety of websites talking about tetanus and yellow fever and malaria, but it seems some areas require them and some don't. It's all a bit confusing tbh.

Thoughts greatly appreciated!

Rusulka Mon 05-Sep-16 13:55:11

We will be staying in their apartment in Tijuca (she lives out there), I believe the wedding itself is in Rio, and there was some talk of staying at Buzios for part of the two week trip.
I expect we're likely to be taken to the statue of Christ, the sugar loaf, Copacabana beach, and possibly Iguassu falls.

I just don't know anything about the immunisation requirements for babies out there.

mary21 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:32:55

Tetanus is part of the primary Imms so that's covered. If you are staying in Rio yellow fever isn't.t needed. If you might travel around Brazil it may be. It can be given from 9 months. Iguacu falls are in the yellow fever area.The main one for Rio is hep a which can't be given till 1 year. It is spread by faecal oral route so food water not washing hands etc. Be very careful with water and hand wasning. Malaria again isn't needed for the city. Again maybe depending on where else you go. Malaria tablets can be given. Crush them and add to jam. Dose depends on weight. You will also need to be aware of Zola so good bite avoidance.If there is a measles out break there the mmr can be given from 9 months. However it will be discounted and will need repeating with the 12/13 month Imms.
The website travel health pro has the yellow fever maps

mary21 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:34:24

That should read Zika not Zola!

MedSchoolRat Mon 05-Sep-16 17:53:36

HepA is often spread by fresh produce; ok if you peel the item yourself (having made sure your hands are clean) or if it's cooked.

I'm trying to look up typhoid for you... I'm not sure there's anything available for under 2s. Again, probably only a risk if you're not careful about what she eats.

I wouldn't worry about the others (not even Zika) because your itinerary makes them low risk (and Zika actually is a very low risk illness 98% of the time). Check whether you can use a DEET repellent or something like Mosiguard on the baby.

mary21 Mon 05-Sep-16 18:35:15

Typhoid not licences for under 2

Rusulka Mon 05-Sep-16 19:15:28

Brilliant, thanks for that.

I think realistically we're looking to delay our flights and visit later when we can all be vaccinated and enjoy it without freaking out. Plus hopefully the eldest two will be potty trained then...

Caipora Tue 06-Sep-16 12:24:56

I don't think you really need to worry too much. How long are you staying?

The immunisations are mostly exactly the same but Brazilian children have a few extra boosters for things like polio and they have Hep B, chicken pox, Rotavirus and Yellow Fever immunisations.

Hep A is given at birth and not after 2 years (only two of ours had it because one was born in Brazil and one was under 2 when we moved back)

Once we got to Brazil they got the yellow fever and the Hep B jabs. You don't need to worry about Yellow Fever but I would ask about Hep B and possibly A at your GP.

Here's something that might be useful for you I think this might not be the latest one though do a search for tabela vacina criança 2016.

Caipora Tue 06-Sep-16 12:30:54

SRC is the MMR

Also if your DH is Brazilian or you are in London/Manchester etc I would assume all the children have already had the BCG. If not, they will need that.

No one needs a typhoid vaccine or worry about malaria or yellow fever for South or Southeast Brazil.

Do not use DEET on you or the children. Brazilian pharmacies are stocked with children's and babies repelents. Wait until you get here or get someone to pick some up for you.

Caipora Tue 06-Sep-16 12:33:24

I really wouldn't freak out or worry too much. The hype over Zika was just hmm. We're farmers, we live in the middle of no where. Everyone has clean drinking water and electricity. It's really not as third world and people think.

Rio is a beautiful city, go and enjoy yourselves.

Rusulka Sat 10-Sep-16 20:06:56

Thanks, this is all really helpful.
None of our family are from there, my MiL is marrying a Brazilian, and she lives there much of the year now (think the weather is kinder on her joints, lol)
We would be staying 2 weeks. Will get her to pick up some mozzie repellant for us, but I think we'll still hold off for a couple of months just so DD3 can have her Hep jab.

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