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Places to eat in York

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helenmh Sun 26-May-02 20:43:00

We are having a day trip to York with childreen aged 10 and 8 and grandparents. Any recommendations of good places to eat?

Ems Sun 26-May-02 21:07:32

Im not an expert on York, but when I was there visiting Viking museum during Easter (with grandparents and 6 and 2 years old), we went to a big Pret a Manger, big seating area upstairs, loads to choose from, suited everyones tastes.

Sandwiches, salads, cakes, croissants, crisps, decent coffees and drinks.

Lollypop Sun 26-May-02 21:25:53

You could try Fenwicks the department store next to the viking museum or a pizza place.

soothepoo Sun 26-May-02 23:10:30

There's only one place to go - Betty's!!!!! It's sooooooo wonderful - it's a coffee shop but that description doesn't really do it justice. They serve the most scrummy cakes and coffee and cakes and tea and lunches and snacks and cakes...... oooh I love it! Luckily I don't live anywhere near York otherwise I'd be the size of a house but equally luckily we do have friends there !
You might have to queue to get in, 'cos I'm not the only person who likes it!

elwar Mon 27-May-02 10:29:51

Pizza Hut would probably be your best bet (one on Parliament Street (near the fountain) & one opposite M&S round the corner), or else there are loads of nice little tea rooms & cafes dotted around (sorry I'm not a Betty's fan - don't like to re-mortgage my house to buy a scone ) Hope you all enjoy my lovely city!

Tetley Mon 27-May-02 11:14:34

We found a lovely Italian place near the river (a bit of a change from Pizza Hut - and still very child friendly). I don't know what it's called, but if you find York Dungeons (Clifford St, I think) go down from there towards the river and it's on the right hand side - about 10 yds from the Dungeons. They do a lunchtime special of pizza or pasta plus a glass of wine for £5! Can't go wrong for that!

elwar Mon 27-May-02 11:32:37

That's Cafe Uno, I think Tetley. If Italian is your thing, try either Fellinis (opposite 'Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate', down the street with the the Army & navy Store on & it's on the left) or Ristaronte Bari down the Shambles. I think Bari do a lunchtime pizza or pasta offer too. Also, CASA by the river (Low Ousegate I think)is fantastic, but I'm not sure how child-friendly it is.

Tetley Mon 27-May-02 13:57:35

Elwar - definately not Cafe Uno! I wish I could remember what it's called - go down the street opposite Cafe Uno - down the side of the York Dungeons, towards the river. It's not a chain - just a one off & is very friendly

helenmh Mon 27-May-02 13:59:08

What alot of great ideas. Thanks everyone

elwar Mon 27-May-02 14:09:02

Of course! It's Silvano's you're talking about, Tetley -sorry. I've never actually been there, my collegues & I had planned to all go there from work one lunchtime a while ago, but then the floods came and poor Silvano's was washed out!

Tetley Mon 27-May-02 14:34:58

Elwar - thank you, thank you. It's been driving me mad!!! Yes, it is a bit close to the river isn't it!!

Paula1 Mon 27-May-02 17:52:22

Another vote for Betty's - it's fab!

Lollypop Mon 27-May-02 19:52:18

Sorry Betty's is my pet hate. All that queing out in the cold for small, overpriced sandwiches. I'm not sure what kids would think either. Mind you my Mum swears by it and has made special visits to all the Betty's!

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