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Dvla code for car hire. Help.

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Thecontinualgardener Sat 27-Aug-16 09:57:21

Myself and some friends are going to a function tomorrow. I’ve arranged the flights and hire car at the destination airport. I’m the only driver so don’t have the option of passing that responsibility to any of the others. Its been a long time since I hired a car and now on reading the various info I see that I need a code from the DVLA (as the paper copy of the driving licenses has been abolished). I tried to get this online but as there was a problem I phoned the DVLA. I’ve now been told there is a block on my license due to an unpaid fee from 2008 (I got a replacement license and the check was apparently returned by the bank). I have had absolutely no communication from the DVLA regarding this. I offered to pay today but apparently the payment centre isn’t open until Tuesday. Therefore a code can’t be issued for my hire tomorrow.

I’m told that not all hire companies ask for a code. Does anybody have any experience of Keddy carhire company (parent is europcar). Ill try and phone if I can find the elusive phone number (and when my phone has enough charge).

Misty9 Sat 27-Aug-16 14:51:03

Have never been asked for code at major car hire places in majorca or Italy.

OldBeanbagz Mon 29-Aug-16 11:43:31

DH and i have hired cars in several European countries and have never been asked for a DVLA code. The only place we ever needed one was in Belfast.

Jcee Mon 29-Aug-16 11:53:25

We used keddy this weekend and even though we knew about getting the code, we completely forgot to do the DVLA check beforehand as we were hiring in the UK.

The guy at the Europcar desk said we should have done it in advance but said he could check for us if we gave him national insurance number. DH didnt have it so Europcar called DVLA and my DH had to answer a series of security questions and agree to allow Europcar to speak to DVLA then the DVLA confirmed the position on the licence.

It took 5 mins, but we were in UK, not sure if it would be the same abroad

Thecontinualgardener Mon 29-Aug-16 14:18:26

Thanks for replies. DVLA said they wouldn't give any info over the phone as there was a freeze on my account. It was keddy I'd originally planned to hire with (in uk) and when I phoned them they to,d me they absolutely would need the info from the dvla. We ended up getting the train. It worked out ok in the end. Really annoyed at dvla and their appalling communication and the fact I couldn't sort it out on a Saturday even though they're clearly open. Antiquated :-/

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