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Comfortable camping equipment on a budget

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purpleapple1234 Mon 22-Aug-16 10:44:07

I would like to take our family - me, DH and DD who is 4 - camping. My husband doesn't really want to go, but I'd love too and DD has been nagging for ages. So in order to make it appealing to DH I'd like to have a few luxury things - a tent that it is possible to stand up in, lighting, blow up mattress, that sort of thing.

But, at this point I feel that camping probably becomes more expensive than a non-camping trip and if DH decides that he doesn't like it anyway, then actually a load of money down the drain. Any tips on how to make this suitable for all fractions in the family?

FrameyMcFrame Mon 22-Aug-16 10:46:48

Could you borrow a tent etc for your first trip? That's what we did, then you can see if you like it before you invest in all the gear. Go somewhere that's not too far away and don't go for too many nights, 3 is a good amount...

Sc00bysnax Mon 22-Aug-16 22:27:13

If you can stand in a tent that is glamping, not camping !

Lots of places you can hire a tent that is already up with all the bits and pieces included

I would suggest that you try the wooden pods or shepherds huts which are slightly more waterproof than a tent. Try Groupon or out of season

Camping is not fun in the rain or high winds for the beginner !

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