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Supercamps NOT super. (Southampton)

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Janealex1976 Fri 19-Aug-16 22:58:38

I'm a single full time working mum. Daughter was in full time nursery from 6 weeks and just entered year R in September 2015. So suddenly I am faced with a dilemma. I have no 'grandparents' to help and no siblings in close proximity .... How do I cater for 13 weeks holiday with only 5 ....I did some research and supercamps came up as a good idea so I booked my daughter in for two weeks at Easter and 3 in the summer.
After the Easter sessions turned out to be a total flop where the most exciting activity she did was play tag I called them to complain .... I was met with a pretty ineffectual and contrite response.
I'd already paid for the summer sessions so asked them to step up and provide better activities in line with the price they charge.
Well after 3 weeks my daughter has played stuck in the mud and watched the olympics on TV. She hasn't brought any craft home and she has not come home exhausted at all - such a rip off.
Has anyone else had a similar experience.
The leaders and staff were pretty lazy and rude and basically left the children to free-play and colour all day. I won't be using them again -so disappointed !!!!

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EnquiringMingeWantsToKnow Fri 19-Aug-16 23:03:34

I've used Supercamps in London and been broadly happy with them - although we did have one week which was very undersubscribed so my DS was the oldest child there by far, which he was quite unimpressed by but wasn't really Supercamp's fault. We've certainly never had a week of free play and watching the telly.

timewise23 Mon 19-Sep-16 10:06:56

I wanted to add to this post our experience of Super Camps this year. Having sent three children the service was poor and the children were regularly bored, very poor after service. A real waste of money.

Ojoj1974 Mon 31-Jul-17 23:26:29

Super camp at Godolphin Salisbury was awful 2 yrs ago. My kids aged 8 and 9 were so unhappy.
Lazy, disinterested staff. Poor leadership, crap activities. Felt v cheap and a dumping ground for us working mums.

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