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Through train ticket in London

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OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 18:19:13

I live in SE, so to get anywhere by train you we have to go into London and out again.

If I buy a ticket from home to, say, Portsmouth, it will include the fare into London, my tube journey and the train out the other side. Am I allowed to chose my own route and/or get off the tube and continue my journey later in the day? Buying separate tickets for each leg works out much more expensive.

I've tried the website but can't find an answer, thought more experienced travelers might know?

lljkk Wed 17-Aug-16 18:21:30

There's no time limit from start to finish, but there may be time restrictions on one or more legs (which services). So you could have a fair few hours bumming around London, yes, but need a separate ticket for using underground when you are having your day out.

Remember the guy who flew to Berlin for a day trip because it was the cheapest way to get from Sheffield to Essex?

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 18:26:58

Thanks lljkk. So the tube element of my through ticket won't allow me to get on and off? Being lazy now but do you know what a zone 1 travel card costs?

BrioLover Wed 17-Aug-16 18:29:07

You won't be able to leave the tube system and get back in again on that train ticket. If you have a touch pay bank card you can just use that to pay for individual tube journeys, which is much cheaper than buying a paper travel card. If you have an Oyster card top that up with a fiver/tenner.

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 18:33:38

I wondered out the contact less thing Brio, but I'll have DC with me. Can I use the same card for 3 consecutive travellers?

AnnieOnnieMouse Wed 17-Aug-16 19:26:05

When you use an Oyster card on the Tube you tap in at the beginning of a journey, and tap out at the end, so it is one per person. You can, however, but visitor Oyster cards, which are cheaper, but have some restrictions.

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Wed 17-Aug-16 19:34:15

If any of your DCs are 10 or under they can travel free in London, if that helps.

GinandJag Wed 17-Aug-16 19:36:39

It depends on your actual train ticket. Some highly discounted tickets are for specific times/routes.

London Underground won't care.

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 22:25:39

The mainline tickets are for any time after 9:30.

I know one oystercard per person but how does it work if your using a contactess credit and

Think i might just play the dumb tourist - reckon they'll waive me through on the tube anyway!

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 22:26:28

Contactless creditcard...

Run247 Wed 17-Aug-16 22:28:20

The gates won't open when you go to put the ticket in. And the station staff won't wave you through unless you have a valid ticket to present.

Run247 Wed 17-Aug-16 22:30:33

^^ gates won't open if your ticket is not valid l, I meant to say ..

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 22:39:50

I know but I reckon if I show them a ticket that is valid for the journey that I broke, without realising I shouldn't, they'll waive me through?!

Heathen4Hire Wed 17-Aug-16 22:41:41

Customer Station Supervisor here, for London Underground.

Previous posters are correct: if your ticket has a plus sign on it it entitles you to travel from NR station A to NR station B using the underground to connect between the two termini. You can take any reasonable route (travel speak for not taking the piss). You cannot jump off short of the terminus, then get back on again. Usually your ticket will be rejected at the gate.

If you want to get off before the terminus you can smile sweetly to me and ask nicely, and I will let you out. smile. But as previous posters have said, if you want to rejoin the tube to the terminus (or indeed anywhere else on LU) you have to use your contactless card/Apple Pay or a valid and topped-up Oyster.

Up to four children can travel with a fare paying adult for free as long as they are aged 10 and under. For children 11-15, you must buy a single or day ticket for them (£2.40/£6). Young people 16+ are adults.

If you want to use contactless, then EACH ADULT MUST HAVE THEIR OWN CONTACTLESS CARD. This applies to Oysters too. Passing back cards is a criminal offence, equating to fraud, and it could get you a minimum £80 fine and possible court appearance.

I agree train tickets are a rip-off.

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 22:45:18

Thank you. A straightforward answer. I dont mind paying, I just couldn't work out what I needed to buy or how!

So effectively, 2 children (11-15) can't use contactless unless mum has 3 credits cards?

Heathen4Hire Wed 17-Aug-16 22:52:07

Do not buy day travel cards as they are £12.10 a day. Going within Z1-2 your oyster/contactless is capped to £6.50 a day.

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 22:57:23

So I should buy day travelcards for dc and use contactless myself!

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 22:58:11

! Was supposed to be? blush

Heathen4Hire Wed 17-Aug-16 22:58:40

Sorry x-post.

They can use a contactless each but the fare is the same as adults.

We can sell you an Oyster and put a 50% discount on it for the children but TfL charge deposits of £5 for each Oyster card without the top-up required on them TfL say you can refund the cards when you are finished with them, but you have to wait 48 hours after purchase for this to be done. They are refunded on the big ticket machines. We were having problems with criminals putting £90 on Oysters using stolen credit cards, and refunding them the same day, so TfL put this stupid new rule on them. It only delays fraud by 48 hours hmm.

Another alternative is if you have a family and friends Railcard we can get day travel cards for all of you at a reduced rate (should you decide to roam around a bit) but Oyster/contactless is still cheaper.

Yes it is very complicated.

NicknameUsed Wed 17-Aug-16 22:58:54

The cashless system has its drawbacks for single journeys because you can only use one card (contactless or oyster) per person. It's a pain.

Heathen4Hire Wed 17-Aug-16 23:04:00

If I was helping you and you were only in town one day, I would ask how many times you want to use the tube. I would ask you to use contactless, and the children get a single return or travel card (2.40, 4.80, £6).

OpenMe Wed 17-Aug-16 23:07:17

Oh. I do have a f&f railcard!! Didn't realise that was valid on tube.

It's designed to catch non-londoners out, isn't it?

So, children can only use contactless if I have 3 creditcards and pay adult fare for them, or if I buy oysters and charge them with money I won't spend, but can get refunded? But I need to be at a machine. In London 48hrs later to get the refund?)

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