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Vitamins in suitcase/hand luggage - okay??

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Blossom4538 Mon 15-Aug-16 12:25:54

Hi all,

We haven't been away for a few years and are going to Mallorca soon. Myself and my daughter take a couple of vitamin supplements each day. Is it ok to take these in our suitcases - scared we may get stopped by customs/security!!!

Also, my little girl sometimes takes rescue remedy gel melts which is like to take in hand luggage (in liquid allowance bag) - what do u think? Don't want them confiscated!!

So in suitcase would be bottle of my vitamins, bottle of Evening Primrose, daughters blister pack of vits, and bottles of her fish oil gel capsules, perhaps pack rescue remedy melts too.

Also, pls tell me sharpened colouring pencils in hand luggage won't be viewed as able to be used as potential weapon - ie - in someone's eye etc. She has the double ended crayola pencils!!

noramum Mon 15-Aug-16 13:20:21

I normally only take prescription medication in my hand luggage or something I have to take during the day. All other stuff is always in the luggage.

Pencils - we never had problems with anything to write with.

Blossom4538 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:15:02

Do u think they'll be ok with it all in the suitcase (stores in the hold).

Also, daughter will have an asthma inhaler in hand luggage (guess in liq allowance)

PitchFork Mon 15-Aug-16 18:19:10

prescribed meds are separate from liquid allowance. make sure you have the dispensing sticker on carton.
vit pills are ok in the hold, would also be fine in handluggae. liquids would be in allowance unless prescribed.

feesh Mon 15-Aug-16 18:26:35

Yep it's fine, I live overseas and stock up a year's worth whenever we go back to the UK for holidays. Never been an issue travelling with about 1500 pills in my luggage!

specialsubject Tue 16-Aug-16 09:40:19

Hand luggage restrictions are liquids ,gels, pastes. Tabs are fine, the gel as you note goes in the plastic bag. If crucial, dont put in hold luggage.

Blossom4538 Tue 16-Aug-16 10:24:58

Thank you!

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