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Centre of Newcastle to Newcastle Airport using the Metro

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Viewofthegarden Mon 15-Aug-16 10:17:18

Looking at Newcastle Airport's website, it warns about Metro trains running straight through the central station without stopping in the evenings to allow for major refurbishment works. Can anyone advise me whether this is still happening? The website says this is happening "until 30 June 2016" but I'm conscious it's not unusual for major refurbishment works to overrun! Thanks

heavenlypink Mon 15-Aug-16 10:27:30

This is still happening Sunday - Thursday trains are not stopping at Central Station. Trains do still stop at Monument which is the next station in the city centre and also Haymarket

heavenlypink Mon 15-Aug-16 10:28:00

Just to add this is from 8pm

Viewofthegarden Mon 15-Aug-16 10:31:23

Thank you. Silly question, but I assume Central Station is the main rail station? Is Monument within walking distance?

heavenlypink Mon 15-Aug-16 10:32:42

Me again blush Link here explains what's happening over next few weeks

Viewofthegarden Mon 15-Aug-16 10:33:10

Thanks v much

heavenlypink Mon 15-Aug-16 10:34:58

Yes Central is the mainline station. It is a walkable in my opinion 5-10 minutes and it is downhill too!

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