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First holiday with 3 month old - Home or Away??

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MissyH Mon 29-Jan-07 16:50:19

My husband has a week off next week for our wedding anniversary - and we would quite like to go away. our little boy is 3 months old, and has been quite slow to settle into a routine - but this has changed in the last week and he now settles well after his 6pm feed... I am in a dilemma about whether I am brave enough to say yes to a trip abroad (a bit paranoid that if we end up taking our boy out in the evening, the whole routine thing will be unsettled at too early a stage) - and if so WHERE (baby friendly etc etc - not too far to fly - hotel/self catering?) .. or whether we will end up maybe having a few days away from home here - and if so WHERE.

Any advice, tips and even suggestions of where you have found good to go would be most welcome!

aznerak Mon 29-Jan-07 17:05:10

We went away when our little one was 3½ months old in March. We toyed with the idea of a trip abroad but at this time of year, unless you go reasonably far, you cannot guarantee good weather (very changeable in the Med area still), so we decided to treat ourselves to somewhere nice in the UK.
We went to Sprowston Manor here which was fab.
We had a suite and the place is divine. Personally, I'd opt for something luxurious closer to home. We were lucky we got our little boy settled and asleep in the pushchair and then went to dinner with him sound asleep in the pushchair. We then fed him when we went up to the room, moved him into the cot and got a great night's sleep. We had asked for a room that would allow us to leave hime there and use baby monitors, but it worked so well letting him sleep in the pushchair, we didn't need that option. Spoil yourself though - you certainly deserve it after those first few months!

MissyH Tue 30-Jan-07 12:02:38

thanks for this aznerak - I think it confirms my thoughts on which option I would prefer - am not sure I can really face dealing with airports etc etc just yet - although it has been tempting given that they are that much easier to transport when so small! maybe we'll save that for the summer...

tigertiger Tue 30-Jan-07 12:06:08

hi missy...i have a 2 1/2 mth old and am looking for hols later in the summer (prob france so we can drive)...haven't really looked into it much, but hear that mark warner hols are really suited for babes, and there is a company that does a 'baby go lightly' package where they supply prams, cots, monitors, bottles etc etc but i think that is more in the med

Blu Tue 30-Jan-07 12:09:46

We took DS to greece when he was 9 weeks, self-catering, 4 hour flight and then a ferry trip. It was a doddle, and the best oliday we had for a few years after that.
What made it so easy though was :
DS was wholly breast-fed - no faddling about with bottles, streilising, food always available wherever we were
I had no worries about routine - we just put him in his pushchair and let him sleep by our table when we went out for dinner
He was so transportable - DP carried him through the airport in a sling, I think. We tok minimal equipment - just umberella-fold McLaren, sling and nappies.
He slept in his buggy or sat on DP's lap in an outdoor bar under a tree while I sunned myself on the beach.
Once they are crawling / toddling holidays are Not Restful!

I would go somewhere like the Canaries if you fancy it. But has he got a passport - not much time for getting one.

spoogs Tue 30-Jan-07 12:21:40

Message deleted

MissyH Thu 01-Feb-07 16:25:31

thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated. Have now booked country house hotel in wales -- will save the "abroad" trip for another time... good to know re your link, spoogs, the south of france sounds v nice!

can't wait to get away. can't wait to have a full night's sleep - but I think we are some way off that one!


singerbird Mon 26-Feb-07 12:49:19

Hiya MissyH! Can I be nosey and ask where you're going in Wales and if there was anywhere that you found to be a good source of info for baby friendly accomodation? We are planning first hols with 6 month old boy who is teething and want to be in the Uk while he's still abit unsettled, will save abroad for later...

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