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Italian lakes vs sea

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maymummy22 Fri 12-Aug-16 14:33:59

Hi, we've been to Italian a few times with our DD (10 and 7) and have tended to stay on a campsite with a pool and within walking distance of the beach.

DH is keen to visit Lake Garda / Lake Como but I've never stayed by a lake and can't quite get my head round what the 'beach' part - and the swimming/paddling would be like vs the sea.

Is there really much difference and which have your kids enjoyed best?
Any advice very much appreciated!

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Annarob1183 Sat 13-Aug-16 08:45:53

I've been going to the Lakes for years as I have family there. I think at 10 and 7 the kids would love it- swimming in a lake is so much more refreshing than the sea as no saltwater, great for kids wanting to be constantly in the water! My advice would be if you can find a lake resort with a 'beach' (usually man made) then it won't be too different. The only tricky thing about being by a lake is if you don't have a beach or sloped area (we tend to hang out by the jettees) then you're restricted to jumping in and climbing out, sometimes over rocks. We found it tricky last year but mostly because we were with toddlers and the village where my family live doesn't have a beach. We drove out to a beach further round the lake and this was much better as we had sunbeds, soft sand and a gentle slope into the water. It was quite expensive though if you were going to go there every day I think we paid around 20 euros for the day.
Hope this helps!

maymummy22 Mon 15-Aug-16 09:02:53

Thanks a lot, definitely helps!

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