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Piano di Sorrento

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Elsiebrowneyes Thu 11-Aug-16 13:27:59

Anyone been? Looking for advice on supermarkets and restaurants.

SilverLining Thu 11-Aug-16 13:34:30

We've just got back from Sorrento! Had an amazing time - it's the most beautiful place - had a couple of incredible meals - will dig out names...

SilverLining Thu 11-Aug-16 13:41:56

Ristorante Donna Sofia - just magical! We had the house antipasto and it was the most delicious mix of dishes! Fantastic staff, beautiful setting and they ran us back to our hotel in their minibus! Highly recommend! And we also had a fab dinner at Chanteclers Trattoria just off the main piazza - typical family run homely (huge portions) Italian fare! Really well priced too - a good find slightly off the main tourist route. We tended to stay away from the main streets with waiters trying to entice you in! We also did an amazing sunset cruise along the coast with opportunities to swim in a natural cove - a real memory making trip - prosecco on board with the sun setting - wonderful!!
You'll have an amazing time!!

Elsiebrowneyes Thu 11-Aug-16 13:55:41

Silver - that all sounds amazing. DH and I are slightly nervous about this trip, never having been to Italy before. Who did you do the sunset cruise with? Think we would like to do that! grin

SilverLining Thu 11-Aug-16 14:07:35

There are literally loads of companies offering different cruises - we rang round a few as we'd left it till the last minute but found one quite easily - I'll see if DH can remember who he booked it with. Don't be nervous - Italy is amazing, we go every year but normally to Umbria/Tuscany - this was our first time here. Italians are so friendly and in our experience the moment you get away from the busy areas you are guaranteed a great welcome! We did Pompeii on the train and I got us off too early on the way back so we went to the smallest bar by the station and had the freshest pizzas every - 4 of us with drinks, beer for DH etc for about 30€!

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