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Travelling to Leeds Festival by car

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nonameqt Sat 06-Aug-16 18:34:47

HELP!!! My darling daughter is going to Leeds Festival this year for the first time. Due to her lack of organisational skills, it looks like dear old mum (me..) will have to take her plus tent and a friend to said Festival.. I've been advised NOT to actually go by car and I know about the Big Green Bus thingy but does any one out there have experience of driving here or have any advice? If it's worth anything , my daughter got an early bird ticket which does allow us access the day before to the campsite..
We'll be coming in from the M62 as we live in the North West about two hours drive from Leeds.

BarbaraofSeville Sun 07-Aug-16 09:06:59

Is the Big Green Bus thing some sort of drop off/transfer? So you just need to find out where that is and drop her off there and she will be taken directly to the festival? Does this run on the early bird day?

In any case the festival will be well sign posted from miles around from all directions (M62, M1, A1).

DD might have to move some distance with her stuff once she gets there so she needs to make sure it is packed so she can do this (wheely case/trolley etc).

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