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Tinkerisdead Wed 03-Aug-16 11:42:06

Im posting here because Ive seen lots of Islanders lurking on here and I reckon I'll atttact the most traffic.

After holidaying on IOW for last 9years, we are seriously debating moving there. DH will be working away mon-fri anyway and so it feels like I could offer the kids a great life whilst we're alone all week if we move now.

Ive always stayed in Ventnor but end up spending all of our time in Ryde which tells me thats where I want to be. Are any Isle of Wight Mnetters about to tell me whether Oakfield/Appley side of Ryde is okay? Oakfield school would be the closest but I know they select on faith which may be tricky.

Can anyone help with some advice?

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