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Stressing out!

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CaramelPrincess Sun 31-Jul-16 16:39:35

I'm travelling to Holland in a few weeks with my 5 month old DS and I'm starting to panic a little bit!
I'm naturally a bit of a stress head and I'm worrying I'll forget something for him, or he won't settle on the plane, or he won't sleep in the travel cot etc
Does anyone have any handy tips for travelling with a baby to help put my mind at ease?

Rainshowers Sun 31-Jul-16 16:52:13

Make a list of things to pack. If he's formula fed work out how much you need, how you'll sterilise etc. Can you try him in the travel cot before you go if you're worried? My DD had spent a couple of nights in her cot when we took her to the inlaws so when we went on holiday it wasn't unfamiliar to her.
We took her sleeping bag so she felt like she was at home. If you have space, a couple of her favourite toys but DD played happily with the flight safety card on our first trip so you can make do with what you have!

Honestly the flight is only short, what's the worst that could happen?! Try to feed on take off and landing if you can to help with the pressure, or a dummy (if he has one), can also help. Try to change him before you get on the flight as the space in the toilets is tight. Take a spare top for yourself and a spare outfit for him (make sure he's in something soft and comfy).

When we flew with DD at that age she tended to feed and sleep (the sound of the airplane was like white noise). It's a whole different story now she's two and a half!!

CaramelPrincess Sun 31-Jul-16 17:12:50

I'm still BF so that will save me some time & effort I suppose - I think I'm just being overly cautious and there's no need to worry. Like you said it's only a short flight so I'm sure he will be fine. Possibly worrying more cos I'm a nervous flyer so it's adding to the stress!
We're staying with a friend and borrowing a travel cot when we get there so unfortunately we can't try him out in it. He does have a sleeping bag so we will definitely take that with us, that is a good idea as I suppose it will smell familiar to him!

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