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user1469438354 Tue 26-Jul-16 18:22:01

Hi mums

please beware of these travel agencies which scam you into buying these super cheap flights. On Saturday I got contacted by which I got a call and then found a flight for 6 passengers to morocco for this friday 29th of july where I need to travel urgently for the sickness of a family member for £1745 (i had to borrow) which is an unbeatable price. He booked but never issued any tickets for me however I got an airline reservation code and when I logged in through the airline website it told me that the cabin you have chosen is full and gave me a price of £4000 for business tickets????? I called him he told me when i receive the payment via bank transfer then I will go ahead with the issuing of tickets. He later called saying the tickets were cancelled and he said hed refund when the money arrived in my account I only got £1445??? I contacted the agency and apparently it was a fee from the airline back and forth I contacted the airline and was told that the airline does not take any fees and the agency is lie-ing. He then tried to fool me into buying another ticket for 1600£ but I said no I want a refund he told me that was not possible. So I got scammed and they blocked my phone number. So no visiting my sick grandma and I'm screwed. Ive found a link between ABFA TRAVELS, POLANI TRAVELS, BRIGHTSUN TRAVELS AND SUNLIGHT TRAVEL BEWARE!!!! No one should go through this nighmare

concertplayer Tue 26-Jul-16 19:51:40

Some of the post not clear due to punctuation. You were refunded
but less a £300 fee then ?

gamerchick Tue 26-Jul-16 20:03:32

I really wish people would cock off with their punctuation bollocks, its getting tiresome to read hmm

Thanks for the heads up OP.

dickiedavisthunderthighs Tue 26-Jul-16 20:13:55

I had no trouble reading your post OP.
Thanks for the warning, they sound like one of those ticketing agencies who don't actually book when they quote, so if the price goes up whilst they await payment then you miss out.

user1469438354 Wed 27-Jul-16 00:45:24

So sorry I probably confused you as the punctuation is missing and poorly. Yes I wasn't refunded £300 out of the £1745 I payed and I was never told about any 'fee' prior and when I spoke to the airline they told me this type of fee does not exist. When they recovered my booking information they told me that no money was ever payed to book the travel and the booking was never confirmed from the airlines side.

user1469438354 Wed 27-Jul-16 00:47:24

I was very stupid and never looked at any reviews or checked they were a legitimate registered company. I viewed reviews online and majority of the reviews were negative and people were saying the same thing had happened to them

anna212 Thu 04-Aug-16 15:42:06

Thank you for this comment. I've been through hell with this company as well. I booked tickets to travel for my mum's memorial. I paid them £1650. Then they informed me that their bank account was 'frozen' with my money i and therefore they couldn't pay the airline. They couldn't give me a refund either. Instead they were asking for more money in order to purchase my ticket. They were rude and had the audacity to tell me to apologise to them for constantly ringing them to ask for my money!!!

lovelyupnorth Fri 05-Aug-16 07:50:11

Two things here agency's often have deals with airless with specific rules and often the local reservations for the airline wouldn't know the rules. So not surprised. Also they tend to block hold seats and only advice the names 24 or 48 hours before so very possible the seats where held just no names notified.

And 2ndly I'd never use a travel agent. Dealt with too many Tracey's from Lunn Poly.

anna212 Fri 05-Aug-16 14:13:06

Thank you. It was an eye opener and such an experience. In the future I will be saving my own money and booking straight with an airline

qqabdullah Wed 26-Oct-16 10:25:33

BEWARE of Abfa travels - they are untrustworthy, dishonest and unreliable. They offer attractive deals but they have no intention of delivering - their plan is to demand for more money later. I bought 6 family tickets on 5th Sept 2016 and paid a deposit of £600. I cleared the balance of £2400 as agreed before 26 Sept. As soon as I transferred the money, the guy emailed me saying that KLM had cancelled the bookings without any warning and i had to pay £1400 more if I wanted to go on the same flight. I refused and the next day he offered me £1000 extra which I refused. On the third day he offered me to pay an extra £800 which I refused and I demanded a full refund. They refunded £2700 and said they needed 16 working days to get back the cancellation fee from KLM. After 16 working days they said KLM has refused to refund. It wasn't my fault if KLM cancelled or raised the ticket prices which I don't believe at all. The tickets are still available for the same price through other agents. Finally, the guy attempts to seduce me to make another purchase and the £300 will be credited through the new purchase. I told him I had lost confidence in his company and I just wanted my money back. He got angry and said I am not 'helping him!!!' I told him I'm taking the matter to court and he said he doesn't want to speak to me again. I have referred the matter to the Online Dispute Resolution and I am chasing them all the way to the small claims court. They can't get away with it. They are licensed to trade and they have to obey the law of contract and the package tours regulations 1992. BE WARNED!! BE AWARE!! THIS IS A SCUM!!!

qqabdullah Fri 28-Oct-16 08:57:14

BEWARE of Abfa travels or SUNLIGHT TRAVELS - it's the same people - they are untrustworthy, dishonest and unreliable. They offer cheap holidays, massive discounts, flexible payments - book now, pay later - it's a TRAP!! They demand more money later and if you ask for a refund they take a massive cancellation fee!! WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!!

Saleha1 Sat 11-Feb-17 21:27:26

I have been scammed by sunlight travels & perfect holiday, I was promised to receive my e-tickets but unfortunately wasn't issued so I called the company and asked me for more money , when I refused to give them more money and asked for a refund they refused, can someone advice me on what u can do to claim my money back?? or where I can take this matter too as I have all the evidence such as voice records and pic of the sales advisor, I am so angry and don't want the same to happen to other..

Alorgat Wed 19-Apr-17 11:35:17

Hi im new to mumsnet.....i have been scammed by sunlight travels too...guy called sunny. Please can someone tell me what to do

Alorgat Wed 19-Apr-17 11:36:49

I have paid them more than a thousand pounds....they are not replying to my emails and not answering the phones.

gillybeanz Wed 19-Apr-17 11:43:17

Trading standards, Police.

If you have the company names and phone numbers I'm sure either would be interested.

Alorgat Thu 20-Apr-17 15:42:43

They keep changing their company name but i have got all our email exchanges

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