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One hour(ish) from London

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lifesuckssometimes Fri 22-Jul-16 19:04:22

Looking for suggestions for nice day out with boy aged 5 and girl aged 11. About an hour from London or in London. Don't want to spend a fortune, but not being tight. Don't fancy queuing all day at a theme park.

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franksidebottom Sun 24-Jul-16 21:12:40

Windsor or hampton court, thames river cruise, tower bridge exhibition, sky garden?

noramum Mon 25-Jul-16 21:32:22

Which side of London? North of London is for us 2 hours as we are just at the south side

Greenwich park, Maritime museum

Tower of London

Hampton Court

Windsor Castle

lots of NT properties south of London, we love Chartwell (never been to the house though), Ightham Mote, Knole Park. We are members and it really saves.

Hever or Leeds Castle

Go Ape in Battersea Park

Whipsnade Zoo

Avebury Mon 25-Jul-16 21:34:10

The Look Out Bracknell
Beaconsfield model village
Richmond Park
Strawberry picking at Garsons Farm

timegate Mon 25-Jul-16 21:38:48

Could you stretch to 1.5 hours? You could go to the beach? (camber sands is lovely)

smartsave Mon 15-Aug-16 14:36:32

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dottygamekeeper Mon 15-Aug-16 14:43:22

Brooklands - car museum, London bus museum (you can go on some of the buses and go for a ride on one too), plane museum, lots old planes to go onto (and even sit in the cockpit), Concorde experience.

It is next door to Mercedes Benz World - free entry, old and new Mercedes to look at, display driving teams on track and skid pan etc.

You would need to get a train to Weybridge station, I don't know if there is a bus to Brooklands, but is not far from station so a taxi wouldn't cost much, or depending on where you are based you could drive and park.

We did it last week with our extended family, including children aged 5 and 7.

SnotGoblin Mon 15-Aug-16 14:44:36

Camber Sands. Free endless beach, sand dunes. Take a picnic or stump up for fish and chips for lunch.

ApocalypseSlough Mon 15-Aug-16 15:01:09

Where in London are you? As PP have said it makes a big difference. And are you driving or public transport?

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