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Public transport in Cologne

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RosyMac Mon 18-Jul-16 09:28:32

Hi I am travelling abroad for the first time and I need to get from the Cologne Bonn airport, to this hotel address: NH Koln City, Holzmarkt 47, 50667 Cologne
I think it'll be too expensive to get a cab; does anyone know of a train or bus route that's simple? Thankyou smile

Artandco Mon 18-Jul-16 10:32:19

The train is very simple.

Train from airport to koln hauptbahnhof (main station). Runs straight from airport, it's about €3, takes about 15 mins.

From the hauptbahnhof you can either walk down along the river to hotel - 15 ish mins walk. Basically along river in a straight line. Or you can take the underground to severinsstrasse - probably takes same time as walking tbh as its about 5-10 mins on tube and 5 min walk the other end.

That hotel is right near the Lindt chocolate museum so you can always ask directions from the hauptbahnhof to there once you arrive.

Taxis a nightmare in Cologne as many roads one way streets so you go in huge loops. Get a day/ 3 day/ week long travel pass that allows unlimited travel between airport and all over Cologne on trams and tubes for most convienince. Again I avoid buses mainly as they take longer than the street trams or tubes

It's a very small inner city so walking around most is easy

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