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Wet Suit for Skinny Kid

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headingnorth Sat 16-Jul-16 15:01:31

(Sorry if this is in the wrong place..)

My dd and I are due to have a little holiday in Wales at the end of August. DD is 7 but small (125cm) and very skinny so gets cold very easily. Can anyone recommend a good wetsuit that comes up skinny and isn't too expensive.


massistar Fri 22-Jul-16 09:03:49

My DD, also 7 and very skinny, wears an Animal wetsuit. We live in Wales and she uses it in the sea in April!

Go for a good second hand one rather than a cheap supermarket one.

massistar Fri 22-Jul-16 09:04:23

In saying that . The sea is at its warmest at the end of August. smile

massistar Fri 22-Jul-16 09:05:48

Maybe a shortie? Try here:

duplofrenzy Fri 22-Jul-16 22:25:45

Long sleeved long legs work better , although a faff to put on. Found that the shorties gape at arms and legs if skinny. The shorty in the link above definitely didn't work for skinny kid in our experience, but everyone is different ....

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