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Accidental Damage Insurance on rented Property

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mumblesdad Fri 15-Jul-16 10:50:33

Hi, just off to stay in France and Spain for 2 weeks in property we've rented. Does anyone know of any insurance we can buy to cover any accidental damage. Both properties want £1200 each week. Just wondered if there is a policy out there that would cover us

Kirriemuir Fri 15-Jul-16 14:46:23

The owners should have sufficient insurance themselves. It's not really up to you.

frenchfancy Sat 16-Jul-16 15:54:40

That may be the case in the UK Kirriemuir but not in France. You are expected to have Insurance when you rent somewhere. £1200 is a hefty damage deposit, TBH I wouldn't rent somewhere with such a high deposit but as you have already booked I suggest you check your travel insurance policy or take one out.

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