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Ferry or Euro tunnel

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dietstartsmonday Wed 13-Jul-16 10:16:23

Hi am looking for advice on which is best.

Going to calais from dover

Also if anyone has any discount codes would appreciate it

mrsmortis Wed 13-Jul-16 10:20:16

Are you driving? Or foot passengers?

If you are driving and have a long drive on one side or the other then I'd recommend the ferry. You get a break in your journey without stopping moving, if that makes sense. On a ferry you have to leave the car. You can have a walk and stretch you legs, have something to eat, etc. If you are on the shuttle then you have to stay with your car and we've found that not being able to get food, etc. often means an extra stop at a service station.

dietstartsmonday Wed 13-Jul-16 11:01:50

Driving, right down to the south of France too, so we know it will be a long day or two. Planning to stop for the night half way down

I didn't realise you couldn't leave the car on the tunnel, so i agree ferry sounds better for us.

Thank you

ivykaty44 Wed 13-Jul-16 18:18:21

You can get out of your vehicle and stretch your legs, I thought there were loos?. We always take a picnic but have our own loo in the camper van.

I have booked on DVDs on a weekday to get cheaper price, have booked a cheap travel lodge 20 miles from Dover for £35 for the night as we have an early is crossing ( have done the midnight leaving home to get the ferry)

I did look at the tunnel but it was much more expensive for the dates and times

lovelybangers Wed 13-Jul-16 22:07:21

Both have pros and cons.

DH prefers the tunnel as it's quicker (crossing and checking in waiting time). But as said upthread you don't get a break although I like the terminal building at Folkestone as it has a Leon.

Ferry is generally cheaper - bit if there are a few travelling then tunnel works out better value. Ferry priced per person, tunnel for a car load (up to 9 passengers)

We generally drive on, I get out the sandwiches and drinks, affix the headlamp deflectors and then it's time to drive off. Much speedier than ferry. I say it's good if more than one adult drives. As not much rest in between.

BlackCatSleeps Fri 15-Jul-16 16:53:56

We did the ferry for years but one year the weather was so awful we paid to take the tunnel home to avoid the choppy sea and we've been converted, it's so quick and much better!

specialsubject Fri 15-Jul-16 19:43:18

Haven't been I'm a while, but last time took the tunnel as there was a seasickness prone person in the party.

It is pretty nasty - you don't see the coast or sea at either end, the English terminal is a.bleak motorway service station, the carriages are smelly and dirty. At least it is quick.

Never again!

puffylovett Fri 15-Jul-16 19:58:42

We used the tunnel for our outward journey in Feb, and ferry on the way home. Never doing the ferry again! Admittedly the fact we crossed at 3am after a long day of driving may have had something to do with that decision!

Next time Chunnel all the way and if we need to break the journey, a cheap B and B smile

kath6144 Sat 16-Jul-16 07:42:20

Op - do you have Tesco vouchers, if so you can use them on the tunnel.

We have been going to France for last 9yrs or so with caravan in summer, we nearly always go on the tunnel. You can get out in the carriage and there are toilets. Even with a boarding delay (we are almost always never on actual shuttle booked!) it is still fast, and you drive straight onto motorway in France.

However, with a caravan, we have regular stops anyway, and my DH is happy driving. We just plan the first site in France to not be too far, or stay overnight in Uk and get an early shuttle.

2ManySweets Sat 16-Jul-16 07:58:14


I have taken Eurotunnel many many times in the past 18months or so and each and every time it's a thankless experience. M20 just a lorry park, queues, delays, strikes in France effing everything up, closed motorways in France because of industrial action leading to missing train - god, how people have a seamless journey by Eurotunnel is honestly a mystery to me.

Whilst Dover may not be the most glamorous experience just do the ferry crossing. And leave time to navigate the M20! X

EveryoneElsesMumSaidYes Sat 16-Jul-16 08:02:01

Last year we got the Eurostar all the way down to Marseille, can't remember the cost but pretty cheap compared to British train travel. Took about 6hrs from st Pancras, very comfortable and good luggage allowance. Food was expensive but you can take your own.

EveryoneElsesMumSaidYes Sat 16-Jul-16 08:06:38

Meant to add, before that we've always used ferry to travel from uk to western France. It makes a nice break, there's always something to do. If you do suffer with sea sickness try to stay on deck and get some fresh air, it's really the best remedy IME

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