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Skyros holidays

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slowandfrumpy Tue 12-Jul-16 01:38:46

Sorry to post again on a different topic...
But anyone been on a Skyros holiday?
There is one on Skyros itself that says has child care when courses are on. Can't work out if it will be too hippyish or so full of my own demographic I will want to scream...

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MonkeyPoozzled76 Tue 12-Jul-16 02:05:24

Hey slow, I did a skyros holiday about 7 years ago now. It was my first ever holiday solo and I loved it. I was at Atsitsa, communal food, bamboo huts, 7am yoga (my thing), windsurfing and afternoons swimming. It is completely hippyish, more lefty than boden, but I just sort of embraced (most) of it and it was fab. I even joined in with an evening of chanting all dressed in white. Kind of felt like a retreat and as if I'd been travelling for months afterwards. Can't comment on the childcare as this wasn't offered when I was there but I can certainly see it being child friendly.

Also most excellent for people watching. I think there was probably 40ish of us there, mostly women and a couple of chaps, one of whom though he was in single lady heaven no I don't want to look at the stars with you tonight!. I was early thirties at the time and probably one of the youngest, oldest lady was a fabulous 80yrs. It was a brilliant two weeks and I still keep in touch with a couple of people now. The food was amazing too.
Just remembered about having to write a letter to myself that they then posted a month after, so yeah, embrace your inner hippy!

slowandfrumpy Tue 12-Jul-16 07:33:58

I am not at all hippyish
But it sounds fun!

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slowandfrumpy Tue 12-Jul-16 07:34:49

I think of Boden as centerist!
Definitely not left

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