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Eurocamp/Canvas Holidays - thoughts?

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RooTwo Sat 09-Jul-16 11:54:11

Related to a post I've just made about being wary of these! But actually would love some thoughts on what Eurocamp/Canvas Holidays sites are like? We had a bit of a bad experience at a French campsite a few years ago and so are a bit put off (not a Eurocamp, but just a big busy campsite - it was hectic and we hated it). But in many ways it does feel like it's an easy and good option for us as a family for a few nights' holiday ...

RockCrushesLizard Sat 09-Jul-16 12:09:15

Brilliant holidays, but we've always avoided big sites. Canvas gives an indication if it's a "lively" site in the brochure, so you know what to avoid!
Most sites are great for families in particular, and I've been going for over 20 years! Started as a young teen with my parents, continued as a couple in my twenties, and now with my kids. We've been to a huge variety of sites, and if you stck with medium or smaller in the description they tend to be the type that are quiet after 10pm, not raucous parties etc.

Fabiantheking Sat 09-Jul-16 12:12:44

We have been on 3 canvas holidays and loved them all.

The first was a small campsite in France. The second was a large campsite in Italy which was busy but the facilities were excellent and we went in September so it was full of other families with preschool children like us.
The third was a medium size campsite in France.

The fist 2 were sites that had static caravan's only the third one was a more traditional campsite with a mixture of pitches for tents, pre pitched tents and mobile homes/static caravan's. At this one we stayed in a Canvas Safari tent which is a large tent which is permanently pitched so it has a wooden floor and wooden furniture and is plumbed and wired so it has a bathroom with toiled and shower, a kitchen with sink, fridge and cooker and plugs and lights throughout. It was silimilar to being in a static caravan but under canvas and with much more space - we loved it and I would highly recommend this.

I find that the sites are great for families as they usually have great pools and I find it to be a relaxed family friendly holiday.
The brochure/website usually says what size the site is so you could try a small site if you have had a bad experience with a large site in the past.

ChippyMinton Sun 10-Jul-16 12:39:40

Choose carefully, based on kids ages, pool or beach or both, large or small pitches, driving distance etc etc.

Can you give an idea of your criteria?

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