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Holiday accommodation recommendation for very large group

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AmsterdamEv Thu 07-Jul-16 13:33:55

14 adults (7 couples) and our 11 children (aged 5m to 4yrs) are trying to go on holiday together in April/May next year, ideally in Portugal or Spain to get a bit of heat but open to suggestions. Some of us want a house for everyone and others (including me!) would prefer a few villas/houses with shared pool/facilities so it's not quite so crazy. Has any one done anything like this?? Our budget is around £3k for approx 12 rooms.

Help would be HUGELY appreciated.


NapQueen Thu 07-Jul-16 13:35:33

Personally I'd go for one big place or two that share grounds. Once the smaller ones go to bed you are sort of tied to the villa so harder to pop to each others for drinks in the evening. I'll have a Google....

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