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City break with 11 month old?

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GoldieGirl Thu 07-Jul-16 12:57:21

We are considering a city break in connection with my DHs work when our DD will be 11 months old. She isnt a baby who sits still in your lap, she's very active for her 8 months, into everything.

The flight would only be a couple of hours but am sure she will wriggle and want to crawl/walk around, she's already pulling herself up on everything. Are we mad to consider it? One friend said its the worst age to take a baby away - not walking independently, not wanting to be strapped into a buggy for long.

Any advice? Should I just stay home with her or will it be worth the effort? It's a lovely child-friendly city with lots of cafes and parks so I think it would be lovely for us all to go.

mrsmortis Fri 08-Jul-16 08:35:10

I've always travelled for work and DH (who is a SAHD) and DD1 used to follow me around like this quite often. In fact, we bough our DD her first pair of shoes because they were coming to Amsterdam with me and she wanted to be on her feet the whole time. But they did it in London, Milan, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, San Francisco and several other cities too.

Honestly, if you are going to be in the centre of a big city I'd say go for it. DH used to just put DD in her pushchair and walk to a park. Then put a coat down on the grass and let her play. Then at nap time he'd strap her into the pushchair and explore for himself while she was sleeping. Then in the evenings or the weekends, if we were there over the weekend, he'd show me what he'd found. If the weather is bad then it's harder, but hotels are great at giving suggestions for things to do.

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