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Experience of flying with BMI?

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Appletreeblossom123 Sun 03-Jul-16 00:16:55

Interested in anyone's experiences of flying with BMI. Have found some flights to Europe with flight times that look ideal for us, but I don't know much about this airline. It's only a short flight, so reliability is my key concern. Obviously, all airlines will have delays sometimes, but I just want to check that this one is not unusually bad in terms of bumping people from flights or having major delays. Would also be interested to know whether this is an airline that hooks you in with a low basic price and then charges you extra for luggage/ a reserved seat/other stuff you might (wrongly) assume was included in the price. TIA

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 03-Jul-16 09:16:17

Website giving recent reviews.

Applesagain Tue 05-Jul-16 23:08:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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