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Can someone recommend a good company that provides fitness holidays

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nikole1708 Thu 30-Jun-16 11:22:07

My partner and I would really like to go on a health and fitness retreat abroad this summer. We absolutely love training and I think it's a very good idea to combine it with some hot weather and relaxation.

jessica132 Thu 30-Jun-16 11:56:51

I can definitely recommend 38 Degrees North. My friend and I went on a fitness holiday in Ibiza last year. We did the bespoke fitness week. This program is really well designed. It was a great combination of fitness training, classes, massages and relaxation. We had so much fun. The 38N team is so helpful, friendly and they really know what they are doing. The whole experience was just amazing, just what we needed.

3nationsfamily Thu 30-Jun-16 20:04:21

This is a new venture set up by Olympic athletes and looks fantastic Some more information here

snowgirl1 Mon 04-Jul-16 12:11:00

Have you looked at Club La Santa? That's a well-known fitness resort. Also, have a look at Neilson holidays - they run activity holidays, with tennis coaching, cycling, pilates etc. Depends whether you're looking for a hot weather 'training camp' or a holiday with lots of sports available.

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