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Help me find a honeymoon destination!

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Iwasbornin1993 Mon 27-Jun-16 16:39:08

We're getting married later this summer but still haven't booked our honeymoon!

We were initially planning to go to Jamaica, but I've become really concerned about the risk of the Zika virus now, especially as we are hoping to TTC early next year.

A few friends have suggested Thailand but we've never really been too keen on the idea. Also thought of the Maldives, but I think it might be a bit out of reach of our budget (would like to stick to around the £4k mark).

Is there anywhere else that would make an amazing honeymoon destination but have little to no risk of Zika, and fits in with our budget? Hoping to go for a week in January due to annual leave restrictions, but could possible do March/April if it opens us up to more destinations!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, I feel I've looked so much that I can't even remember what I have and haven't seen now! Sorry if I take a while to reply to any suggestions, working late tonight unfortunately brewcake.

justabigdisco Mon 27-Jun-16 16:52:15

What kind of holiday do you want?

Iwasbornin1993 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:40:39

So sorry for the late response Just - thanks for replying.

We just want somewhere to completely relax around the pool, with great food available, either in the hotel itself or close by. We've usually gone to all inclusive resorts, but the kind that have several à la carte restaurants in rather than one main buffet.

We do like going on excursions/day trips while we're away too, but these tend to be of the snorkelling/watersports/quad biking variety, as opposed to anything more cultured blush. Not too fussed on evening entertainment/bars as we're not big drinkers.

justabigdisco Mon 27-Jun-16 23:24:32

What puts you off about Thailand? I'd suggest you look at Sri Lanka

Ineedmorelemonpledge Mon 27-Jun-16 23:27:43




Iwasbornin1993 Tue 28-Jun-16 01:03:02

Just - I guess we've just always seen Thailand as more of a party resort type of holiday - more than happy to be corrected though! Hadn't considered Sri Lanka, will definitely take a look, thanks a lot!

Ineed - Thanks also for the suggestions! Malaysia is another place I hadn't considered, so will also have a look at there as an option. Is there any particular area you'd recommend? The Maldives and Seychelles were both coming up as being outside of our budget when I've been looking, unfortunately. Would love to go to both though.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 28-Jun-16 01:25:54

Recommend Malaysian Borneo - lots of water sports and diving available around the islands off Kota Kinabalu. Also great national park and visit to orang utan sanctuay.
Kuching which is in Sarawak is nicer than KK (imo) has great food and markets, you can visit long houses. We also went kayaking there and saw orang utans in the wild.
other possibilities:
Vietnam - kayaking in Halong Bay, Hanoi has great food and beach relaxation and shopping in Hoi An.
Thailand does not have to be a party destination. I have been to Phuket a few times staying at the indigo pearl
which is located in a quiet area - no nightclubs just some restaurants and bars on the beach. It's easy to visit the rest of the island and several dive shops along the beach.
I know Phuket is dry in January, but not sure about Borneo.

KateInKorea Tue 28-Jun-16 01:56:55

I wouldn't discount the Maldives yet. You can fly there via Dubai fairy cheaply or via Singapore on a Budget airline. Phone up the hotel you want and get a discount. Pick a resort that is only a boat trip from Male.
(Voice of experience!)

If you want relaxation and food I would actually choose France or Italy. Somewhere near Monaco or maybe even Sorrento.

Blondie1984 Tue 28-Jun-16 02:20:13

Would you consider South Africa?

latinata Tue 28-Jun-16 02:44:16

Go to The Lombok Lodge. With time in Bali and Hong Kong at wither end if you can (or another stopover destination).

justabigdisco Tue 28-Jun-16 04:52:19

South Africa would be my other suggestion

WeekendAway Tue 28-Jun-16 05:15:16

Going to Malaysia or Thailand etc is a very long flight when you only have a week, plus the jet lag. Sri Lanka would be much more doable.

At that time of year South Africa would be a great option.

Iwasbornin1993 Tue 28-Jun-16 10:15:36

OH said as much this morning Weekend - he isn't sure it would be the best idea going so far for only a week. We've both always wanted to do Borneo for the orangutans, and the hotel Shanghai suggested in Phuket looks ideal, but I think it might be better saving for a longer trip unfortunately.

South Africa is another place we hadn't considered and I thought I'd looked at every option! OH would be ecstatic to see there suggested as cage diving with great whites is on his bucket list! Not sure I'd be brave enough to join him though grin. Will take a look today along with Sri Lanka! It hadn't crossed my mind to book separately Kate, so that may be a great option too, thanks! Anywhere in the Maldives would definitely have to be only a boat ride away, I couldn't face travelling on a sea plane!

Thanks so much for all recommendations! You're all much better than a travel agent smile.

Iwasbornin1993 Tue 28-Jun-16 10:17:44

Sorry, I had to swap from the app to the website so my 'bolded' (is that a word?!) names didn't work!

WeekendAway Tue 28-Jun-16 14:41:53

Is there no way you could stretch it to two weeks? Considering the flight is such a the large chunk of the cost it won't cost double to go for two weeks, you should be able to get something nice within your budget.

Iwasbornin1993 Wed 29-Jun-16 01:28:10

We would love to Weekend, but OH's annual leave allowance means it just isn't possible at that time unfortunately sad.

Allalonenow Wed 29-Jun-16 01:34:27

How about Mauritius, lots of high quality hotels there, and not such a long journey as Thailand.

jessica132 Thu 30-Jun-16 11:59:50

Me and DH went on the Maldives. I was amazing. smile

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