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Has anyone successfully complained to First Choice?

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Holidaymessup Thu 23-Jun-16 13:09:50

And how? Booked a holiday, no email confirmation. No one on their 'pre travel helpline' is any use and apparently they have no complaints department!!

I am fairly sure the holiday is booked but clearly something is broken in their email system (I have tried giving alternative emails, checked my spam etc, been told at least 5 times that another email has been sent, no luck).

concertplayer Thu 23-Jun-16 13:35:13

Did you book it yourself or via Travel Agent ? If the latter then they will sort
So from your post are you are saying you have never received any confirmation but you have paid in fact?
We settled out of court with them years ago now. Holiday hell.
Apartment so near airport it shook all night. Only one s/market and
restaurant nearby Ditto with a bus to get out of the complex. S/pool dirty
and sunbds broken. 30 min walk to the beach via a half built housing estate. Then halfway during the week we were moved to another apt which was filthy.
Wrote complaint when we got home.

mrsmortis Fri 24-Jun-16 10:14:42

You should be able to complain through ABTA, if first choice won't allow you to:

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