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Air Passenger Duty for 12-15 year olds - a Heads Up!

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CointreauVersial Wed 15-Jun-16 13:27:45

You may or may not have heard that, from 1st March, Air Passenger Duty for 12-15 year olds has been abolished (it was abolished for under-12s last year). More here.

What a lot of people don't realise is that if they (like me) booked their summer flights BEFORE this date, APD will have been charged, and you are now due a refund. What's more, many airlines and travel companies will not volunteer this information, and it is up to you to request a refund!

We are flying to LA with WOWair in the summer, and after a couple of phone calls and an email I have just been refunded around £150 Air Passenger Duty, paid as part of my DDs' air fares. If I hadn't chased it up, I doubt I would have received it, so I thought you might like to know.

Obviously the refund is lower for flights within Europe, but hey, every penny counts!

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