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P&O Alcohol Policy

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Oliveek Sun 12-Jun-16 22:25:18

Hi, first post, long term lurker. I've trusted mumsnet advice in everything from parenting to make up, but so far I can't find a thread to help me on this. How much alcohol does P&O consider reasonable to take on board. Thinking for a 12 night cruise 2x box wine, 1 bottle of gin, 1 x vodka and some mixers. Anyone taken more or less on and had any issues. I guess one person's reasonable for 2 weeks is another's annual supply. Can anyone help? wine

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bojorojo Sun 12-Jun-16 23:21:29

I bought all drink on board. Maybe you should consider doing this!

RJnomore1 Sun 12-Jun-16 23:22:55

I didn't think you were allowed to take alcohol on cruises. When I've been they took what you bought in port and returned it at the end of the voyage. Not P and O though and a few years ago.

DramaAlpaca Sun 12-Jun-16 23:29:51

My parents cruise regularly with P&O. They take a couple of bottles of spirits with them, but buy their wine on board.

Two boxes of wine sounds a lot to take on board, tbh. See this link:

You could buy a wine package from P&O in advance of your cruise, to be waiting for you in your cabin.

Have you tried searching the forums on You might find some useful info there.

Oliveek Mon 13-Jun-16 05:59:29

Thanks Guys. There's just no specifics and I hate uncertainty 😁 Why can't they just say 1 bottle of wine each or something aarrrgghhh !

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Penfold007 Mon 13-Jun-16 07:19:34

P&O say 'small reasonable amounts' 4.5 litres of wine and 1.5 litres of spirits plus mixers seems like a lot of alcohol.

thecapitalsunited Mon 13-Jun-16 07:38:59

That's a lot of booze. Are you planning to drink your own wine at dinner each night?

I haven't sailed P&O but I have done a few cruises. I usually take on a bottle of champagne for sailaway (I'm not fond of the free stuff) and a bottle of gin plus mixers for a drink while I'm getting ready for dinner. I have a predinner drink in a bar and buy a bottle of wine for dinner. I don't think I've ever seen anyone bring their own in - the pricing is usually such that by the time you've paid corkage it would be cheaper just to buy a bottle on board.

CoolforKittyCats Mon 13-Jun-16 07:48:41

When are you going to drink all of that?

I think you could get asked about taking on that amount. It certainly wouldn't be counted as 'small amount'.

We cruise with P&O and take a bottle of wine on and buy the rest on board.

Brokenbiscuit Mon 13-Jun-16 07:56:33

We went on a P&O cruise, and I thought the alcohol prices were quite reasonable tbh.

pelirocco123 Mon 13-Jun-16 08:34:04

Cruise critic is probably the best place to ask ( some people on there seem to take similer amounts....remember you probably won't be able to take leftovers off) tbh the drinks on P&O are very reasonable, we were having a very nice bottle of wine last week for £15.50

Oliveek Mon 13-Jun-16 11:24:14

Their drinks menu shows £7.50 for a g&t as I'm Scottish that's not really same as we pay in pubs and as we can take some on thought I'd find out if anyone knew what their reasonable meant - I think a couple of drinks each evening each getting ready for dinner on a 14 night cruise would be considered reasonable, but when you put it down on paper it looks a lot which makes me wary I'd just die getting stopped. Might just put up with the cost instead blush
Thanks everyone x

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thecapitalsunited Mon 13-Jun-16 18:10:35

I don't know if you can expect Scottish pub type prices on a cruise. It's more like London hotel type prices. I live in the South East and if I can get a pint for under £4 I consider it to be cheap!

FeckinCrutches Mon 13-Jun-16 18:15:41

There is no way they'll let you take that amount on sorry!

FeckinCrutches Mon 13-Jun-16 18:16:47

Have you not got any onboard credit to spend? I'm sure it's £250 or £125 per cabin at the minute

RJnomore1 Mon 13-Jun-16 18:18:22


I'm Scottish too and it very much depends which pub you go into!

Dh drinks peroni or moretti so a pint for under £5 is a bonus.

It's not all 99p vodka up here...

GinandJag Mon 13-Jun-16 18:20:22

Usually none. Just get the drinks' package.

thecapitalsunited Mon 13-Jun-16 19:26:49

Well obviously areas popular with tourists or more affluent areas will have more expensive pubs, Scotland or not. I assumed OP was talking about a part of Scotland that was neither of those things.

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