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Dubrovnik (Lapad) with 16 month old

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Sweetnlow Fri 03-Jun-16 09:37:46


We are off to Lapad next month with our 16month old DS. Has anyone any advice for things to do in the area, good beaches, restaurants etc?

We have been to Dubrovnik pre DC and stayed in the old town so we know to expect lots of steps when/ if we venure into the old town. Will be taking ergobaby as well as buggy.

Any advice on islands and beaches to visit for the day?

Also interested to hear about experiences of water taxis and ferries with a young child.


Sweetnlow Fri 03-Jun-16 21:47:33


NicknameUsed Sat 04-Jun-16 23:33:25

There are no nice beaches there. We stayed at the Hotel Lapad which is opposite where all the cruise liners come in and the ferries go in and out.

There is a small pebbly beach on the other side of the peninsula that is easily walkable to. The bus into the old town goes all round the peninsula. I had no idea there were water taxis available.

The weather wasn't great when we went so we didn't visit any islands. I must admit, much as I really liked Dubrovnik, it isn't somewhere I would take a toddler to.

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