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is there an age limit on taking a stroller on a flight?

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lazyjournalistsbogoff Wed 01-Jun-16 00:27:48

Travelling to Ibiza with 5 yo and 18mo. 5 year old wouldn't use a stroller here but our flight times are terrible v early and v late and I wondered if I'd be best taking the stroller for round the airport since she'll be very tired. Do airlines have age limits for taking a stroller? Once in Paris they made us check it in with our luggage when she was 2 and it was a total nightmare confused

Rockchick1984 Wed 01-Jun-16 00:48:00

Think it depends who you are flying with - the last time I flew abroad with the DC the cut off was 2 yrs old as it was classed as their luggage.

Could you use a sling / carrier for your 18mth old and put 5yr old into the pram for the airport?

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