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Good motorway services for kids in the south/southwest?

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glowfrog Sun 29-May-16 22:39:19

I am doing some googling already but was wondering if anyone here had personal recommendations for good places to stop for kids (4 yr and 1 yr) on the way to Cornwall?

Either M4/M5 or A303.

SusanAndBinkyRideForth Sun 29-May-16 22:41:30

Gloucester services. Absolutely amazing smile

Acornantics Sun 29-May-16 22:46:15

Gloucester is great but we think v expensive for food. However it's got a great outdoor area to stretch the legs and is a beautiful, modern and clean services.

If you pass Cribbs Causeway near Bristol, there's an Asda and other stores not far from the M5.

glowfrog Sun 29-May-16 23:39:46

Thank you!!

glowfrog Tue 21-Jun-16 23:16:53

Leigh Delamere services on the M4 has a (tiny) soft play area for under-5s - result!

idlevice Tue 21-Jun-16 23:25:17

If you come off the M5 at the Stonehouse junction, from either side - almost where the proper (very naice) services are - there is a Blooms garden centre with play area + café plus other shops to look round> It's located more or less literally at the junction but follow signs for B road to Stonehouse then you will see it virtually immediately to the right.

Marmite27 Tue 21-Jun-16 23:25:49

Gloucester is amazing. Nearly 9mo DC enjoyed the indoor play area and watching the ducks last month.

CotswoldStrife Tue 21-Jun-16 23:31:51

Gloucester Services and Blooms (has a soft play) were the first ones that came to mind - they are only 5 mins apart!

Cribbs has a couple of softplay areas - a small one in the Mall itself for up to age 8 or 9, then Jump which has a higher age range. The Mall also has an outdoor play area, easiest to find by walking through Boots and out towards the bus stops.

Wolfiefan Tue 21-Jun-16 23:42:23

How long do you want to stop? Services or a bit longer?
Slimbridge WWT?
Cattle country Berkeley?
Wild Place by Cribbs?
All places kids can be tired out at!

AnnieOnnieMouse Wed 22-Jun-16 00:14:16

Sounds like we should have a MNmeet at the Glos services!

Peasandsweetcorn Wed 22-Jun-16 00:25:13

There's a Wyevale garden centre a mile from j22 of the M5 which has an outdoor play area, cafe etc.

annandale Wed 22-Jun-16 00:29:20

Dyrham Park National Trust - around junction 19 of the M4 IIRC. Obs expensive as it's NT but it's lovely. It's a bit of a walk from the car park to the house but there is a shuttle thing.

glowfrog Wed 22-Jun-16 07:21:35

Thanks all, we are home now but I will file these away for future reference!

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