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Very likely chickenpox and disneyland Paris.

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Peskyelephant Sun 29-May-16 11:19:41

DC1 has has chickenpox since Monday. She is 5 and caught it from school. She is scabbing over nicely now and I'm sure will be non infectious in a day or two. The problem I have got is DC2 16 months. We are due to fly to Paris to go to Disney next Sunday which will be 2 weeks after his exposure. He is currently well (as you would expect as only 1 week post first exposure) Travel insurance won't pay out unless he is symptomatic. I'm really concerned he will end up developing it while we are there. I cannot be stuck in France for 10 days with a spotty toddler as DH and DC1 would have to come back due to work, school and pets.
Has anyone managed to persuade the Gp to declare unfit to travel on the (very high) possibilty of illness.
Alternatively do ferries take infectious children if you have a cabin? I would get a private transfer to ferry port and a lift in the UK.
I really don't want to attempt the trip at all given the circumstances but cannot afford to pay out for it twice.

mrsmortis Sun 29-May-16 12:52:28

I would not want to take a possibly infectious child on a plane. You could end up infecting everyone on the plane. If I were you I'd call the doctors surgery and talk to them.

Peskyelephant Sat 04-Jun-16 19:03:15

We persuaded GP to declare DC2 unfit to travel yesterday on the basis of his CP exposure and grumpiness/slightly raised temperatures. So have cancelled and put insurance claim in. DC2 has got a couple of small spots this evening(12 days after DC1). Relived we have sorted it out but sad to miss the holiday sad

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